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    Find additional information about our cryotherapy equipment and machines as well as frequently asked questions and other useful links.

    Cryotherapy Equipment

    Used Cryotherapy Machines

    Refurbished and Used Cryotherapy Machines for Sale

    Cryotherapy Chamber Cost

    Find out how much it costs to buy a cryotherapy chamber and what types of cryotherapy systems are available.

    Choosing the Best Cryotherapy Machine

    Learn how to find the right cryotherapy chamber for your business

    Budget for Safety & LN2 Storage

    What equipment will I need to ensure safety for storing LN2 on-site?

    Nitrogen vs Electric vs Hyb. Cryo Chambers

    Find out about the differences between nitrogen-cooled, electric and hybrid cryotherapy chambers.

    Cryotherapy Chamber Guide

    Learn about the process of buying and installing a cryotherapy chamber with our Cryo Chamber Guide.

    Cryotherapy Machine Guide

    Learn about cryotherapy machines and find out which one would be most suitable for your needs.

    Cryotherapy FAQ

    What is Cryotherapy?

    Learn the basics about cryotherapy including frequently asked questions,  types of cryotherapy, and find out why people use cryotherapy.

    Cryotherapy Terminology

    Definitions of terms used within the field of cryotherapy

    FAQ - WBC Users

    Get answers to questions that WBC users frequently ask about the treatment.

    Effects of WBC

    Read about the effects of WBC based on research and client experiences.

    Cryotherapy Contraindications

    Read the list of contraindications for cryotherapy.

    FAQ - Localized Cryotherapy Users

    Frequently asked questions about localized cryotherapy equipment - cryotherapy facial machine.

    Products & Services

    Customer Reviews

    Read customers reviews of our products and services.

    CRYO XC™ Experience

    Read about how the cryotherapy treatment takes place, how users respond and their expectations.

    CRYO XC™ In Operation

    Learn about the basics of your new equipment for achieving the best efficiency in operation.

    Quality & Certification

    Read about CRYONiQ quality control and certification.

    CRYO LC Experience

    Find out about the experience of localized cryotherapy treatments with the CRYO LC.     

    CRYO LC In Operation

    General information about the operation of the CRYO LC for achieving the best efficiency.

    Project Assistance

    Affordability & Operating Costs

    Learn more about the financial requirements for cryotherapy equipment and devices to make an informed financial decision.

    Return on Investment

    Learn about the feasibility of investing in a cryotherapy machine.

    Office Space Requirements

    Learn about the space requirements for cryotherapy equipment.

    Legal Requirements

    Learn about the legal requirements for cryotherapy businesses, staff - cryotherapy technicians and equipment.