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    Find out what list of Options & Services we offer, how they can help operators during daily operation of their cryo chamber and learn which options are recommended for all future buyers of cryotherapy equipment.


    CRYO XC™ Plus & CRYO XC™

    Equipment and accessories that a cryotherapy chamber requires can be difficult to source locally sometimes. That's why we provide assistance to customers who have purchased our equipment by helping them get all the right equipment and accessories that are necessary or useful while using our cryotherapy machines. CRYONiQ Options & Services are built to complete the full package, to not only supply the cryotherapy equipment, but also assist in setting the equipment up and ensuring that the cryotherapy chamber is used to its full potential.


    Cryotherapy Equipment

    Many times when a facility installs a new cryotherapy chambers, the unit may require a set of accessories and equipment.

    These can be PPE, transfer hoses, vents and oxygen monitors. Cryo chambers will also require LN2 storage tanks from non-pressurized tanks - dewar vessels, to small pressurized tanks ranging from 70 to 120 liters and standard nitrogen tanks between 180 - 350 liters, to bulk-sized tanks built for highly demanding locations.

    Reach out to our team to learn more about cryotherapy equipment or to find out how you can buy verified used cryogenic equipment.


    Cryotherapy Services

    Our list of services includes what we consider our core services - installation, training & delivery and services that are part of project assistance such as risk assessments, cryotherapy insurance, gas relations and nitrogen suppliers.

    Core services are generally included with all purchases, and project assistance is made available to all customers that decide to buy our cryotherapy chambers or other cryotherapy equipment.

    We've structured our services to provide a level of comfort to our customers and help them start off on the right foot. These services follow standards that we have successfully applied in over 600 facilities.


    Other Equipment & Services

    If you're looking for a list of other equipment, options or treatments that can fill out your space, or that can complement whole body cryotherapy and expand your list of treatments.

    Then consider localized cryotherapy / cryo facial machines, electric cryotherapy chambers, hydromassage systems, percussive therapy, compression therapy.

    Additionally, we can provide you with ideas on how to fill out your space with furniture that our customers use as part of their layout.