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    Find out what level of service customers can expect from CRYONiQ after they've purchased a CRYONiQ cryotherapy chamber and how issue resolution takes place.

    CRYONiQ Service & Support

    We provide service on a 24/7 basis (exceptions may include main holidays). For Support, it is best to reach out to us on [email protected] or to send us a Service Request. We check our inbox every couple of hours.

    We offer full 24 to 36 month warranties on all new equipment. Go to our Warranty page for more information.

    We keep a stock of spare parts for quick replacement.

    We have been active in the cryotherapy industry since 2012. Our team has supplied over 500 cryotherapy machines and installed 300.

    Our service policy is to try to prevent technical issues altogether. This saves both the customers time and money as well as our time and money.

    How does CRYONiQ respond in case of technical issues?

    1. The customer/owner/operator reports the technical issue to the CRYONiQ Support Team.
    2. We troubleshoot the issue following our detailed Troubleshooting Guide that covers all potential issues.
    3. Troubleshooting will require the operators detailed description of the issue and as much available documentation as possible.
    4. Documentation includes videos, photos and a timeline of the development of the issue in case of recurring issues..
    5. Troubleshooting requires participation of the operator or the person responsible for upkeep of the equipment.

    What happens after Troubleshooting?


    After we've been able to determine the cause of the issue, our guidelines ensure that we have a quick and straightforward approach to all types of issues.

    How long does Troubleshooting take?


    Troubleshooting can be concluded within 24 hours.  This will require sufficient documentation of the issue. Collected data shows that most issues can be diagnosed or even resolved within minutes.

    How quickly can I get replacement parts?


    If everything is clear and there is no question about the background of the issue, we generally ship replacement parts with the first available delivery truck or first thing the next day after concluding which parts need to be sent.

    In cases when the issue requires a CRYONiQ technician on-site, the parts may be brought in by the technician.

    What happens after the issue has been resolved?


    After the issue has been resolved, a technical report is issued. The feedback and any new know-how are incorporated into CRYONiQ Guidelines.

    How does CRYONiQ communicate with customers?

    Communication takes place via Phone, E-mails, Skype, Chat or messaging apps.

    Report a Technical Issue

    Report a technical issue now, go to our Product Support section, or request technical support.