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    Equip your home gym or wellness with a Cryotherapy Chamber

    Find out why people are choosing to install cryotherapy chambers and other cryotherapy machines at home and what's required to set one up in your home gym or relaxation space?

    How can we help you start?

    As we are involved with all facets of the cryotherapy industry, from running a successful cryotherapy location, distribution of cryotherapy chambers, cryochamber manufacturing to extensive cryotherapy support we believe we have all the right tools to assist you when buying your cryo chamber and setting up your own cryotherapy business. This includes services such as support prior to purchase, nitrogen sourcing, cryotherapy operation training and continuous 24/7 tech support. Click the link to select your topic of interest or continue to our walkthrough of buying a cryo chamber machine for home use.

    Before Ordering a Cryo Chamber

    One of our rules is to discuss all essential requirements with customers from the very beginning. Having a clear cut plan offers customers better overall satisfaction and no surprises.

    If you're considering to buy a cryotherapy chamber for home use it's always a great idea to read about the required investment on our Budget & Costs page.

    The future Cryo Room may need some tweaks here and there and that's why we have the Room Requirements page that covers the basics of safety, LN2 deliveries and more.

    Understanding the Safety Features on the cryotherapy unit is an important aspect of operating the cryo chamber. The environment inside the cryo cabin is always the operators responsibility.

    A cryotherapy chamber at home may not require Cryotherapy Insurance like one installed in a business would, unless the cryotherapy chamber is used for the general public.

    The same applies to Licenses & Permits. With an at home cryotherapy machine you may likely not need licenses or permits, but it’s important that all safety regulations for use and storage of liquid nitrogen are followed.

    Financing is available for eligible clients. Eligilbility is determined by your current credit score.

    Customize Your Cryo Chamber

    The next step is selecting your equipment and customizing it.

    Find out the difference between our two Models, the CRYO XC™ Plus and the CRYO XC™.

    Continue by selecting one of our two Systems. Both Systems offer different advantages for the operator.

    The CRYO XC™ Plus / CRYO XC™ can be personalized according to the customers preference with Color Options & Branding.

    Our Options offer useful accessories and services.

    Go to our Configurator for a walkthrough of all available customization options, information about equipment or read about the Order Process.

    After Purchasing a Cryo Chamber

    What level of service should I get after after installing a personal cryotherapy chamber?

    As part of our range of services, all home installs include Delivery, Installation & Training.

    These are core services that help us to ensure that all future operators understand the operation guidelines and that the Cryo Room is safe for the use and storage of liquid nitrogen.

    Our Maintenance section explains how operators can keep their cryotherapy chamber in perfect condition for as long as possible.

    Go to our Technical Support page to find out more details about our approach to Technical Issues, or view our Warranty terms.