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    Learn about the cost of liquid nitrogen services and what to consider
    when buying a cryotherapy chamber that uses liquid nitrogen.

    Operating cryotherapy equipment cooled by liquid nitrogen

    One of the most critical aspects of operating a cryotherapy machine cooled by liquid nitrogen is to ensure that you have a reasonable price and regular deliveries of liquid nitrogen.

    Finding the right liquid nitrogen supplier can be difficult at times and on many occasions, the technical requirements and owners needs are not met. CRYONiQ offers assistance with getting the best source of LN2 for your cryotherapy chamber or equipment.
    Nearly every future location operating a nitrogen cryotherapy chamber will have different technical requirements and options for their liquid nitrogen supply.

    Ensure that your business, training facility or personal recovery room is:

    1. Safe for the operation of a cryotherapy unit and storing cryogenic equipment
    2. Geared up with the right equipment & accessories
    3. Can be supplied with a sufficient volume of liquid nitrogen on a regular basis
    4. Not wasting resources.

    If you decide to work with CRYONiQ, we offer assistance in the following areas that are all related to compliance with safety regulations and working with liquid nitrogen suppliers:

    1. Introduction to suitable local and nationwide gas companies
    2. Compressed Gas Association
    3. Fire Code
    4. Sourcing LN2 storage vessels and understanding requirements for refilling.
    5. Accessories
    6. Specialized storage vessels (for use with Cryo chambers)
    7. O2 monitors & sensors
    8. Equipment features
    9. Personalized safety measures & room ventilation
    10. Certified equipment that meets LN2 supplier’s criteria
    11. Price quotes for products and services relevant to the project.
    12. On-site / Online Risk Assessments
    13. Recommendations for optimizing LN2 efficiency and upkeep

    How much does liquid nitrogen cost?
    The price of liquid nitrogen will vary for all nitrogen gas suppliers as they carry different pricing structures.

    So how much is liquid nitrogen in general?
    It can start anywhere from $0.50 up to $3 per liter.

    This price may not include any nitrogen tank rental costs, delivery charges or miscellaneous charges and…

    1. Nitrogen suppliers all have different delivery options. Some may only offer one delivery per week or several weeks and some can deliver express.
    2. The price will also depend on the volumes ordered, the frequency of deliveries and the proximity to the supplier.
    3. The price of liquid nitrogen varies for different nitrogen purity grades - the CRYO XC™ Plus / CRYO XC™ requires food grade/industrial grade LN2.

    What is the cost of liquid nitrogen for cryotherapy?
    As the cryotherapy chamber consumes between 4 - 10 liters per session - depending on the duration, intensity and time gap between sessions. The standard cryotherapy treatment cost for the operator could start from $2 and reach up to $15.
    This will also depend on the level of service from the nitrogen supplier, if the tank is filled entirely, how frequently the tank is used, release rate of the relief vent on the nitrogen tank, the evaporation rate, age of the nitrogen tank, delivery charges etc.

    Why are nitrogen services important?
    Having regular deliveries can ensure smooth operation.
    On-demand delivery offers the best mode of operation as it doesn't limit you when you've run out of liquid nitrogen. (This service may not be available in all areas)
    The higher the volume of LN2 that a business requires, the more cost-effective it can become.
    The cost of liquid nitrogen can make a big difference for the profitability of a business.

    Do I need to buy nitrogen tanks?
    Buying nitrogen tanks may not be necessary as most nitrogen suppliers offer rentals.
    The rental service offers decent quality nitrogen tanks and additional services that may not be available when purchasing a nitrogen tank outright.
    The nitrogen supplier also has a greater incentive to service the nitrogen tanks and make sure they are not damaged while being handled during delivery.

    How do Refills take place?
    Nitrogen suppliers may have different methods for refilling nitrogen tanks.
    On-site refills - The Nitrogen supplier fills the nitrogen tanks on-site.
    One for one - The Nitrogen supplier changes your empty tanks for a set of full tanks.

    Liquid Nitrogen Facts
    Liquid Nitrogen is non-toxic and odorless
    Liquid Nitrogen is generally more accessible in cities and urban areas.
    Liquid Nitrogen must always be stored and used according to safety guidelines.

    Is liquid nitrogen dangerous?
    Liquid nitrogen in itself is not dangerous when handled correctly and when all safety measures are in place. Liquid nitrogen is liquified nitrogen gas, which makes up 78% of the air around us.
    The danger of nitrogen for people arises when the oxygen level in a certain area is lower than 19% percent for extended periods of time, or when someone handles liquid nitrogen, nitrogen tanks or equipment without safety gear.
    Find out how we handle the risks of nitrogen with our Safety Features, and how we set up rooms for the cryo chamber in our Room Requirements

    Is there any chance that we could run out of liquid nitrogen?.
    There is an extremely low chance that liquid nitrogen would become unavailable.
    The food industry keeps fruits and vegetables in a controlled nitrogen atmosphere and the medical purposes of nitrogen ensure that there will also be a supply of liquid nitrogen for many years to come.

    Why are some gas suppliers not interested in supplying liquid nitrogen to potential customers that use cryotherapy machines running on liquid nitrogen?
    There are potential liabilities involved with supplying liquid nitrogen to customers for purposes of non-medical cryotherapy.
    Their reluctance to supply is mostly caused by a number of stories in the media of uncertified cryotherapy equipment or untrained staff causing injuries to clients.
    Some liquid nitrogen suppliers are running their own projects in the cryotherapy field.
    Reach out to us if you'd like to learn more.

    Other Points & Requirements
    Most of the listed points are essential for setting up a safe and efficient location.
    This service may require additional details or technical parameters of the facilities.
    This list only applies to our liquid nitrogen cryotherapy equipment (LN2).


    Get in touch with a CRYONiQ representative for more information on Liquid Nitrogen suppliers and start the search for yours.

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