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    Cryo LC

    Localized Cryotherapy Machine


    CRYO LC™


    The CRYO LC is a localized cryotherapy device designed for the rapid application of extreme cold in targeted areas of the body.

    The device is used for targeted cryotherapy, cryofacials or Spot Cryotherapy, but is also suitable for veterinary applications.

    Every day users of localized cryotherapy include clients in need of physiotherapy, sports recovery or medical care, but are also widely used by beauty professionals for its benefits on skin and body shaping.

    Rapid cryotherapy offers the advantages of cold stimulation thanks to a quick response and lasting effect without the negative after-effects of prolonged cooling of muscle tissue.

    The LC applies nitrogen vapors at temperatures around -150°C / -240°F and comes with a dewar vessel that holds 50 liters of LN2.

    This volume allows up to 400 minutes of operation.