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    Learn about the licenses and permits that a facility requires to operate a cryotherapy chamber on-site.

    What Licenses and Permits does a business need to operate a cryo chamber?

    Operating a cryotherapy chamber / cryosauna may require compliance to the local building code, fire code and the UMC (Uniform Mechanical Code)
    The city, county, or state may also require a license for cosmetic/other procedures.

    There is no universal key to complying with the requirements from the city, state and all cases must be approached individually.

    Do you need a license to do cryotherapy (cryotherapy license)?

    In most cases, getting certified by a CRYONiQ technician will be sufficient and no other license may be required. Some countries may have additional requirements for cryotherapy operators which may need to be covered by a medical practitioner.

    Is cryotherapy regulated by the FDA or other agencies?

    Cryotherapy is not regulated by any governmental agency or organization.
    This has shown to have a negative effect on how manufacturers, resellers, and businesses in the cryotherapy field advertise their products and the cryotherapy treatment.

    What is the FDAs position on cryotherapy?

    Although the FDA hasn’t approved whole body cryotherapy for treatment of any medical conditions, it also hasn't stopped professionals from exploring the effects of cryotherapy on recovery.


    Get in touch with a CRYONiQ representative for assistance with obtaining permits.