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    Budget & Operating Costs

    Find out what to consider when calculating the budget and costs of equipment, accessories and services that are required to start a cryotherapy business.

    How to calculate the required budget and the recurring expenses with a cryotherapy chamber?

    In this section, you will read about the overheads that a cryotherapy chamber buyer or a cryotherapy business start up is most likely to have.

    The following list does not include the exact costs of particular items, because the prices for different equipment, accessories and services largely vary for each brand. This list is intended to provide a better picture of the expenses that businesses may have when looking to open a cryotherapy business and during operation.

    One-Time Purchase (Equipment, Accessories & Services) Description Frequency
    Cryo Chamber / Cryosauna Cryo Chamber / Cryosauna equipment, transfer hose One Time Purchase
    Delivery Delivery costs may not be included with the purchase. One Time Fee
    Install & Training Install &Training costs are generally included with the purchase One Time Fee
    Ventilation & Safety - Room Requirements Exhaust fan, Air In-flow, Exhaust pipe, Oxygen Monitor One Time Purchase (May not be required in some facilities)
    Other Accessories Safety footwear, gloves, robes, decoration and other One Time Purchase/Varies
    Recurring Business Expenses Description Frequency
    Nitrogen Deliveries Every refill carries a delivery charge and often also a Hazmat charge. Minimizing the number of deliveries can help save money. LN2 suppliers are willing to offer better terms with higher volume. Weekly/Varies
    Nitrogen Tanks Buying nitrogen tanks outright can be expensive, renting nitrogen tanks is more cost efficient and provides additional service on the tanks, especially when owned by the LN2 supplier. Monthly/Regular
    Insurance Costs If you're running a business, having insurance coverage is highly recommended. Annual
    Marketing Costs Advertisement of your new services can range from Facebook ads, Instagram, Local news, local partnerships and online ads. Varies
    Trained Staff/Salaries These expenses highly depend on the mode of operation. A single operator can handle the operation of a cryotherapy chamber. Varies
    Administrative Costs, Rent, Utilities General operational costs. Varies

    Is there anything else I should know about quotes and costs?

    When requesting a quote for a cryotherapy chamber, make sure that the offer includes all the products, accessories and services that are required.
    Many times, the offers are incomplete and only quote the cryo chamber cost and do not list other expenses that may be indispensable such as delivery costs or install & training.

    How to build a successful cryotherapy Business?

    If you’re out to build a successful and profitable cryotherapy business, thorough research and a solid business plan with calculations can help you have a better understanding of what to expect once you open your doors.
    Cryotherapy businesses usually start with an initial boom after which it takes them at least the first year to establish their name.
    After starting a new business, a solid returning customer base becomes the best benchmark of success.

    So how much does a cryotherapy machine cost and how much does it cost to start a cryotherapy business?

    Click the link below to find out.

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