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    Before Buying Equipment

    If you are considering adding a cryotherapy chamber to your business or practice, this section lists the topics that should be discussed and clear for all future buyers before proceeding with their purchase.

    What are the main factors to consider before buying a cryotherapy chamber?

    The factors may differ somewhat for businesses, pro-sports organizations, medical facilities and home installations. Businesses usually focus on feasibility and potential for growth, professional organizations such as sports teams are more interested in a speedy recovery process, medical facilities focus specifically on the clinically proven benefits, while customers with home installations are motivated by having access to the positive effects and benefits of cryotherapy 24/7.

    However, businesses, professionals and home installations alike all have a list of things that are necessary or useful, such as the access to liquid nitrogen at reasonable costs, on-site safety and the level of service throughout the order process and after purchase.

    For Businesses

    At CRYONiQ, we always go over the basics with our customers before they order a cryo chamber, so that they are always informed about the requirements at all stages and to ensure that their cryotherapy business runs smoothly.

    Any sound business plan will require calculating the Budget & Costs for the project including the total cryotherapy chamber cost, accessories and services as well as recurring monthly/annual overheads.

    A business will generally require some changes within its facilities to comply with safety standards for the storage and use of liquid nitrogen.
    That is why, we have put together a list of Safety Features that all new cryotherapy businesses should take a look at as well as the Room Requirements.
    Necessary changes can be determined by a risk assessment performed by either a CRYONiQ technician or by a Liquid Nitrogen Supplier that comes out for a site visit or may be able to do a risk assessment off-site if the business can provide sufficient documentation.
    This may mean modifications in ventilation of the room or facilities. However, many times significant modifications are not required.

    Besides all the safety aspects, a business should always consider adding Cryotherapy Insurance to cover their daily operations as well as any other insurance coverage they feel that is necessary.
    In some cities and areas, health & safety may require obtaining Licenses or Permits to operate a cryotherapy chamber or in some cases a permit to store and use liquid nitrogen tanks on-site. Equipment Operator Certificates may also be required for some locations.

    Once you've got the budget calculations, costs and other requirements buttoned down, it's time to figure out the financing.
    Financing your cryotherapy machine or cryotherapy chamber through leasing or business loans offers advantages in the form of conserving your existing capital, tax advantages but also creates the opportunity to speed up the growth of a business.
    Financing is always subject to a credit check and ultimately decided by an eligible credit score. It's preferrable if there is some credit history behind the business, or at the very least the owner of the business that is applying for financing.

    For Home & Private

    All the essential requirements for home installs are discussed from the beginning. Having a clear cut plan offers customers better overall satisfaction and no surprises along the way.

    Customers installing cryo chambers for home use will have a number of different needs and requirements compared to businesses.
    Starting from Budget & Costs, a home cryo chamber does not have recurring overheads aside from the cost of liquid nitrogen and the minimum electricity the unit consumes.
    A home installation does have to comply with most Room Requirements just like all businesses would due to the risks of storing and using liquid nitrogen on-site.
    And for that reason, the CRYO XC™ Plus / CRYO XC™ includes Safety Features that help ensure safety for home cryotherapy users.
    For the most part, having a cryo machine for home will require addressing risks such as children playing around the house/gym, curious visitors or ensuring that the liquid nitrogen is stored in a safe space that cannot reach a basement.
    A home install will not require Cryotherapy Insurance and most often does not require Licenses or Permits for use at home.
    Financing is available for home installs too, but is not generally used. Financing is always subject to a credit check and ultimately decided by an eligible credit score

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