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    Learn about some of the successful ways businesses advertise cryotherapy and run their marketing campaigns. Our team can also point you towards great resources that can help your cryotherapy business start up get started and run efficiently.

    Marketing Cryotherapy for Businesses

    Our Marketing section focuses on businesses looking to install a cryotherapy machine and learning how to increase footfall and customer retention.

    Adding cryotherapy to an existing business with an existing revenue stream and a customer base can be a lot easier than starting out new.
    However, whatever phase your business may be in, your customers will need incentives as to why they should give the new treatment a go.

    You can offer customers special packages, subscriptions, & discounts.

    • Unlimited Subscriptions, Packages and Discounts
    • Monthly & Yearly Subscriptions
    • Session Packages
    • Limited Time Offers
    • Cryotherapy Gift Cards

    Connect with your customers

    • Through social media like Facebook, Instagram
    • Start a website or start a blog discussing how customers are benefiting from using your services, including posting reviews, sending out newsletters or regular updates.
    • Give customers the chance to schedule their own appointment through scheduling software
    • Word of mouth. Treat your customers well and they will spread the word.
    • Motivate your customers with a referall program

    To make it easier for your startup, make use of available marketing material from CRYONiQ

    • Useful content for your website like images and videos and FAQ
    • Social media  content
    • Promotional material

    If you own CRYONiQ cryotherapy equipment or you are planning to purchase equipment, get in touch with our team and we can discuss these marketing methods and more.