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  • What kind of Return on Investment can I expect with your cryotherapy equipment? What are the steps to create a successful business model?

    The ROI for a cryotherapy business will mostly depend on the targeted clientele, the footfall in the area, the nature and specialization of the business, optimization of everyday expenses, minimizing future unexpected overheads. Once these variables are identified, it becomes clearer on how to approach the business and what the potential Return on Investment is. Contact us to get a calculation of your potential investment & ROI.

    The importance of efficiency and commercial feasibility of cryo chambers & important information from cryotherapy equipment manufacturers.

    When acquiring a cryogenic chamber, the objectives may vary, depending on whether it is for business or the recovery needs of a select group of people, such as a private club. For some, efficiency and commercial feasibility may be decisive factors for achieving the goals set out with the purchase of their cryogenic equipment. In order to make it a successful venture, it's important to have a complete understanding of the overheads involved with the cryotherapy business. Starting from the basics like calculating the approximate investment to get the business up and running.

    If you'd like to learn more go to our Budget and Operating Costs page.

    What should I charge for a Cryotherapy session in my business field and location?

    In cases of profit-oriented cryotherapy centers the costs of running a cryotherapy chamber and recovery center will vary for all locations, areas and regions. The cost of renting/using your own property, furnishing the facilities, installing safety measures, the purchasing power of your end customers or clientele, marketing costs, membership deals or paying the staff all come into the equation. The cost of a cryotherapy session can vary from $25 up to $120 depending on all the mentioned variables, but can also be spread out as part of a package of several treatments. Then there are cryotherapy centers or clubs that are not only focused on making a profit, but are instead focused on offering exclusive treatments to their clientele. These may have a different approach to their business and marketing.

    Club Memberships, Discounts & Packages

    Club memberships may offer the best method of creating a solid customer base. Providing packages for services whether by combining treatments or one-off deals is a valued approach for most customers, since they are aware that they're getting a better deal and will feel more confident coming back another time. This helps to build a relationship with the local community and build a solid foundation for the business.

    Available marketing templates and other general information for cryochamber operators.

    We offer marketing templates and information leaflets to all direct customers. As part of the package, the customer receives our marketing starter pack as well as continuous access to new material - subject to availability.

    Go to our Marketing page to find out more.


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