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  • What is the total cost for the cryotherapy unit & cryotherapy devices from CRYONiQ?

    Our products offer various options for Customization & accessories which are made to serve a range of purposes. Prices for delivery & services will vary based on the location. To get the best picture of the cryotherapy chamber price including the pallet of options and current special deals on our products, we recommend going to the Configurator and customizing your cryotherapy machine or Chat with a CRYONiQ representative. Additionally, you may be interested in our Inventory for expedited delivery options.


    What is the standard setup of a cryotherapy center and what would be the estimated investment?

    The standard setup of a cryotherapy center is usually built around cryotherapy equipment starting with the cryo chamber, localized cryotherapy devices and other recovery devices. The main requirements that exist for most cryotherapy equipment include liquid nitrogen storage tanks, on-site safety measures, marketing material, a reception/front desk, client database software, operating staff, Operation Guidelines, a web presence and channels to communicate with customers.

    Check out Budget & Operating Costs to get a better picture of the overheads and recurring expenses.


    What are the Operating costs of the CRYONiQ cryotherapy chamber and cryosaunas?

    All locations using cryotherapy equipment have specific needs, requirements for equipment, work schedules and a background in business or use which will require a specific approach and will lead to various outcomes in Operating costs.

    To put the operating costs into perspective, it’s important to determine the ultimate objective for the selected cryotherapy equipment before the operating costs can be defined accurately. Equipment used at home for several sessions per day will ultimately have higher consumption per treatment as opposed to the advantages of numerous back to back sessions that increase efficiency of the cooling medium seen with busy cryotherapy businesses and higher capacity facilities. This is true for all currently available cryotherapy equipment.

    The essential consumables used by cryotherapy chambers are Liquid nitrogen and electricity. The costs of LN2 may vary based on the frequency and costs of delivery and any additional costs charged by the gas supplier.                                       

    Liquid Nitrogen                                        
    The CRYO XC™ requires between 4 - 8 liters, but can use up to 10 liters of LN2 per session depending on the system, the effectiveness of scheduling clients - i.e. back to back, the intensity of sessions and finally the length of sessions.

    Electric Power                                        
    The electric power requirements of the CRYO XC™ peak at a maximum of 4000W/h if in full operation mode throughout the span of one hour. The maximum level of consumption is only observed throughout the duration of a session, not while the unit is idle.

    While turned on, Drying mode is a continuous consumer of electric power. One hour of drying will consume approximately 3800W.

    Other Operating Costs                                        
    Aside from the costs associated with the operation of the unit itself. The other major expenses while running a cryocenter to consider are the operator’s salary, marketing and facility costs.

    Maximizing Efficiency                                        
    The structure of clientele determines the number of clients that can go through within a certain time frame. Operating costs for back to back sessions with clients coming and going quickly will offer higher efficiency. Scheduling clients with large gaps between sessions will negatively impact the efficiency of operation, not only of the performance of the cryotherapy equipment itself, but also the time the operator has to dedicate to a single session which could be used for other treatments or activities for the business.                                      


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