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    CRYO XC™ Physical Specification

    Learn about the physical specs of the CRYO XC™ Plus & CRYO XC™ and what physical limitations to consider when looking to buy a cryotherapy chamber for your business or home gym.

    Physical Specification

    CRYO XC™ Plus | CRYO XC™

    The CRYO XC™ Plus and CRYO XC™ cryotherapy chamber fits into all rooms with a standard height ceiling of 7 ft 10 in / 2.4 m or more. The equipment requires floor space of approximately 20 sq ft (4x5 ft) or 6 m² (2 x 3 m). This includes space to open the door and gives the operator room to use the control panel.
    This specification does not include any nitrogen tanks that may require additional space.
    Continue reading to learn about our assistance with Room Layout and visualization of cryo rooms.


    7 ft 3 in
    222 cm


    3 ft
    90 cm

    Depth (Closed):

    5 ft
    150 cm

    Depth (Closed):

    5 ft
    150 cm


    5 ft
    150 cm

    12 x 12 ft | 4 x 4 m

    9 x 9 ft | 3 x 3 m

    Assistance with Room Layout

    As part of our support, we provide assistance to our customers with the layout of their Cryo Room.
    The following points are frequently discussed and need to be addressed in most locations.

    What should my room layout look like?
    Do I need furniture in the cryo room?
    Do I need a changing room?
    Where should I install the cryo chamber and how do I access the control screen?
    Do I have good access between the nitrogen supply zone and the cryotherapy equipment?
    Will I ńeed ventilation inside the room?
    How tall is the cryotherapy unit and what is the minimum height of ceiling that I will need in the room?
    How do I store liquid nitrogen tanks?
    Will I need to store liquid nitrogen tanks inside the cryo room our outside?
    Will I need an oxygen monitor in the Cryo room?
    For answers to these questions and more, go to Room Requirements.
    Additionally, go to CRYO XC™ Systems to find out how our two systems can affect the room layout and nitrogen handling.

    For more on Project Assistance including site-planning and project support go to Project Assistance.