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    What are the clients first reactions and expectations?

    Localized Cryotherapy can offer a very comforting and refreshing experience thanks to the continuous breeze of cold air.

    Many clients enjoy spot cryotherapy due to the relief that they get from the treatment, especially customers with pain-related issues.

    On the other end of the spectrum are clients seeking out beauty treatments for their skin, many of which immediately notice positive changes in the tightness of their skin or the improvement of certain skin conditions.

    How do I proceed with new clients?

    The operator starts by explaning what the client can expect from the treatment, the basics on how spot cryotherapy works and what the potential effects of the treatment are.

    If the client decides to proceed, they must sign a consent form which lists all the contraindications as well as the clients details.   

    The Session Breakdown

    When ready, the operator proceeds by asking the client to undress any garments covering the treatment area.

    To make it a more enjoyable experience the client will need to get into a comfortable position, especially if the treatment is going to last for more than 5 minutes.

    Depending on the treated area, the client may need to sit, lie down or even stand at times.

    The operator must ensure the clients safety by not treating any single area excessively, but also enough to induce the desired processes, which is why operator training is very important.

    All clients must comply with the operators instructions.

    A local cryotherapy treatment is usually conducted in a private session between the operator and client.  

    What are the most common effects of cryofacials and spot cryotherapy?

    The benefits of spot cryotherapy are usually split between beauty and physiotherapy.

    Both applications are focused on different outcomes and the sessions are conducted in a slightly different way.

    Targeted cryo for beauty purposes focuses on reduction of cellulite, regeneration, wrinkle removal, anti-inflammatory effects and collagen production.

    Targeted cryo for physiotherapy purposes focuses on minimizing pain, promoting healing, treating wounds, anti-inflammatory effects and swelling.   

    Physical Requirements & Limitations for an LC session

    The CRYO LC is a very compact device at 60x60x60 or 2ft x 2ft x 2 ft. The device itself physically only requires 4 sqft/ 1,5sqm of space.

    Additional storage tanks will require additional space.

    The CRYO LC is  a mobile device and it can easily be transported to another location, but it is advised that the required coolant is transported separately by a liquid nitrogen supplier.