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    Maintenance & Lifetime

    Learn about the maintenance requirements for cryotherapy chambers.

    How do I perform routine maintenance of the cryotherapy equipment?

    • Daily
      Routine maintenance involves regular drying at the end of operation, wiping meltoff, emptying the water collector, correct shut down procedures, safe handling of the storage vessels.
    • Weekly
      The area surrounding the unit may require regular cleaning due to dust and water buildup.
    • Monthly/Quarterly
      Lubricate moving parts
    • Yearly/Annual
      Annual service checkup.

    What are Operation Guidelines?

    During training, we discuss Operation guidelines that can help improve the longevity of the cryotherapy chamber like drying cycles and automatic drying, efficient client scheduling, .
    We can provide more details to our customers upon request.

    Does the cryo machine use any consumables?

    Aside from regular deliveries of liquid nitrogen and the electric power required to run the cryo  chamber, the only consumable is the thermal sensor which has a life cycle from one year up to five years.

    What is the Lifetime of the CRYO XC™ / CRYO XC™ Plus?

    The oldest CRYO XC™ cryotherapy units were built in 2017 and still remain in great condition.
    The CRYO XC™ was designed to last for a minimum of 10 years when following proper maintenance protocols.