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Cryo XCTM Plus

Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber




The CRYO XC™ Plus is a whole body cryotherapy (WBC) chamber designed for the rapid exposure of the human body to extremely cold temperatures ranging between -110°C to -160°C or -170°F to -250°F .

The flow of vapors released by the unit creates a vortex of extremely cold air that surrounds the client.

The cabin is designed to achieve balanced temperatures on all levels that stimulates skin receptors in the whole body.

Once a session begins, the client is instantly engulfed in an extremely cold environment for a short period of time. The purpose is to induce a cold shock that can result in increased blood flow, reduced inflammation and enhanced muscle mobility.

THE CRYO XC™ Plus offers an enhanced user experience thanks to its advanced set of safety and design features.

These top-of-the-line features comply with the requirements set by more demanding LN2 suppliers and local health authorities.

The CRYO XC™ Plus was developed to provide solutions for the most demanding locations.    

CRYO XC™ Plus 
Options & Versatility

CRYO XC™ Plus 
Customization & Versatility

The CRYO XC™ Plus offers a range of color options and brand customization for the exterior and interior. This gives businesses and cryotherapy owners additional opportunities to personalize their selected equipment to their needs and to promote their brand.

The CRYO XC™ Plus is built for maximum conveniency and can be installed in nearly any location or facility that can be supplied with the required coolant (LN2). The versatility of the CRYO XC™ Plus comes from the selection between two different systems, unit orientation, smooth assembly and the dual door system feature.