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    How Much Does a Cryotherapy Chamber Cost?

    Find out how much it costs to buy a cryotherapy chamber and what systems are available.

    In this article, we briefly summarize what makes up the cost of a cryotherapy chamber used for whole body or full body cryotherapy and discuss the broad range of costs for various systems.

    We have a separate page about a similar topic that broadly (without prices) discusses what equipment and services are required to start a cryotherapy business and what recurring costs there are in Budget & Costs in our section Before Ordering a Cryo Chamber.

    The systems discussed on this page are the three main options currently available on the market. Cryo Chambers with an LN2 system, Hybrid/Nitrogen Cryo Chambers and the Electric system.

    Cryo Chambers with Nitrogen Systems


    Whole Body Cryo saunas / Cryo Chambers cost between $40,000 and $60,000 depending on the brand, features and services included.
    Used Cryotherapy Chambers in good condition cost between $30,000 to $40,000.


    • Nitrogen systems require lower initial investment
    • Lower recurring costs for maintenance.
    • Flexibility in operation


    • Require regular refills of liquid nitrogen the price of which varies for different areas.
    • Higher risk of frostbite with some brands.
    • Dependence on Nitrogen suppliers
    • Higher insurance premium

    Understanding Nitrogen Cryotherapy Chamber Price Offers

    Aside from the cost of the cryotherapy chamber, there are differences in specifications and additional costs associated with each system.
    These specifications and additional costs are often excluded entirely or not mentioned in price offers.
    Please take the time to go through the whole list in the table below where we compare CRYONiQ with some of the competitors that manufacture cryotherapy chambers.

    Price Offer Comparison

    MANUFACTURER CRYONiQ Competitor 1 COMPETITOR 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4
    Cryotherapy Chamber
    SERVICES CRYONiQ Competitor 1 COMPETITOR 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4
    On-Site Install  Available  Available Available
    On-Site Operator Training  Available  Available Available
    Shipping  Available Available Available Available
    12 Month Warranty on Parts  
    24 Month Warranty on Parts Available for a fee
    36 Month Warranty on Parts   Available for a fee Available for a fee
    24 Month Warranty on Service  Available for a fee3rd Party3rd Party
    24/7 Tech Support    3rd Party 3rd Party
    Service Team in Country    3rd Party 3rd Party
    Represented By CRYONiQCompetitor 1Competitor 2ResellerReseller
    ASSISTANCE (upon request) CRYONiQ Competitor 1 COMPETITOR 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4
    Liquid Nitrogen Suppliers 3rd Party3rd Party
    Insurance 3rd Party3rd Party
    Marketing 3rd Party3rd Party
    CRYOTHERAPY CHAMBER FEATURES CRYONiQ Competitor 1 COMPETITOR 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4
    Temperature Screen N/A
    Oxygen Monitor N/AN/AN/A
    Safety Relief Vent N/AN/A
    Humidity Meter N/AN/AN/AN/A
    Client Lift N/AN/A
    ACCESSORIES (available) CRYONiQ Competitor 1 COMPETITOR 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4
    VJ Transfer Hose  AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable

    How to Use the Competitor Table

     = Products & Services Included in Price
     = Hover over a Question Mark to see a brief description.


    ¹ Competitors are existing examples from the cryotherapy industry.
    ² The list is specific to the United States, but may be applicable to other markets in select cases.
    ³ Please note the exclusive availability of select CRYONiQ services in select countries.
    ⁴ Please read all of the descriptions to get the full detail.

    Hybrid Cryo Chambers


    Hybrid LN2-Air Cryotherapy Chambers cost from $65,000 to $120,000.
    Hybrids come in two different versions. Single-person hybrids and multiple hybrids.
    Single person hybrid cryosaunas cost between $65,000 and $80,000
    Multiple-person hybrid cryotherapy saunas cost from $90,000 up to $120,000
    Used hybrid Cryotherapy Chambers cost between $40,000 to $60,000 .


    • Breathable environment
    • Head inside the cabin


    • Hybrid systems require higher investment than LN2 systems.
    • Require larger volumes of nitrogen and regular refills of liquid nitrogen the price of which varies for different areas.
    • Have higher costs for maintenance.
    • Higher insurance premium

    Electric Cryotherapy Chambers


    Electric Cryotherapy Chambers cost from $90,000 up to $300,000
    Single person eletric chambers cost from $90,000 up to $155,000
    Multiple person electric chambers cost from $120,000 up to $300,000
    No existing market for Used Electric Cryotherapy Chambers


    • Does not require nitrogen, only electricity.
    • Head inside the cabin
    • Breathable environment
    • Daily operation cost
    • Lower insurance premium


    • The electric cryo chamber requires a greater up front investment for the equipment
    • Greater initial costs for shipping, installation and warranty extensions
    • Expensive warranty extensions and service costs outside of warranty.
    • Some brands are low intensity

    Other Considerations

    The differences between the three systems, their advantages and disadvantages are discussed in more depth in our article on Electric vs Hybrid vs Nitrogen Systems.
    If you would like to get a price quote for our nitrogen based CRYO XC™ Plus or CRYO XC™ please visit the Configurator or Request a Quote.
    If you'd like to look into the option of buying pre-owned equipment go to Used Cryotherapy Chambers

    Or get in touch with our team now!