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    CRYO XC™ Plus & CRYO XC™ Installation

    Find out more about the installation process of the CRYO XC™ Plus - CRYO XC™ and what on-site requirements there are when installing a cryo chamber.

    CRYO XC™ / CRYO XC™ Plus Installation

    As part of CRYONiQ service, CRYO XC™ & CRYO XC™ Plus equipment generally includes on-site Installation that ensures that the installed equipment is in perfect working order and ready for day to day operation.
    These requirements are generally applicable to all cryotherapy chambers using liquid nitrogen as a coolant.
    So what does the install require?


    Before Install, the owner/manager of the cryotherapy location will need to decide on the final number of new operators and to submit the names of the new operators that will be trained on Training day. This information must be submitted to the assigned CRYONiQ technician at least two weeks before Training Day on [email protected].

    Operator Certificates are presented to the staff that have taken part in training.              

    On-Site Safety

    All basic safety requirements must be discussed and fulfilled before proceeding to install the cryotherapy chamber.
    The requirements are determined by a risk assessment performed by a gas expert.


    Reliable on-time delivery is also an important aspect of the install process as the client may not have facilities suitable for the storage of two large crates before the day of install.
    That's why delivery and install may both have to be scheduled on the same day. In cases where CRYONiQ provides full support, we coordinate delivery with the freight forwarder as per requirements.
    The facilities should have sufficient passage through all doors for the cryotherapy equipment to be transported into the Cryo Room.

    Liquid Nitrogen Delivery

    Another important part of the install and training process is arranging liquid nitrogen for the install date. In an ideal scenario, liquid nitrogen is delivered on the morning of the install or on the days coming up to the install so that the equipment can be tested and demonstrated on-site during training. This may be subject to additional requirements from the Liquid Nitrogen Supplier.
    The client should have a reliable liquid nitrogen supplier in place before install in order to be able to operate the equipment.

    Installation Date & Time

    Install & Training should only be agreed once the approximate delivery date is known and must be scheduled at least 3 weeks prior to delivery.
    As a general rule, install usually starts at 9 AM. This will depend on the delivery status of the equipment, the customers’ schedule as well as the availability of technicians.
    Scheduling a specific time outside of the regular hours or working day for install and training may be possible in some cases.
    Install & Training takes approximately 4 hours if there aren't any complications.

    How does Install of the CRYO XC™/CRYO XC™ Plus take place?

    Once all the equipment has been delivered, we are ready for the install:

    1. Unload the crates from the van/truck/lorry and place them in a safe location.
    2. Unpack the Equipment
    3. Disassemble required parts
    4. Transport the parts to the selected install site.
    5. Assemble the equipment
    6. Operation Check – Electrical & Technical
      i. Power
      ii. Take off protective elements
      iii.  Check the connections on transfer hoses
    7. Liquid Nitrogen Test – First check after connecting the unit on-site.
    8. General Test
    9. Run with user inside
    10. Cleanup after install
    11. Proceed to Operator Training

    The technician or technical staff installing the equipment must follow the instructions in the CRYO XC™ Installation Manual at all times.
    * In some cases, installation may not be an included service.