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Cryoniq Ltd. was established as a company dedicated to providing innovative technological solutions that allow us to make use of the beneficial effects of extreme cold or "cryotherapy" in day to day activities. Our products have been shaping the field of Whole Body Cryotherapy since its' beginning, but the growing number of businesses and experiences with our customers over the years have also helped shape us and the way we deliver our service as well as the products that we offer today. Our team works to build successful businesses in partnership with our customers.

The Cryosauna - Cryochamber is also often referred to as a cryocabin or simply cryotherapy machine. Over the years that cryotherapy has been around, the Cryosauna has become an established piece of equipment within fields of elite & amateur sports, beauty care, fitness training, and physiotherapy. The system in our WBC equipment is based on cooling ambient air with the use of LN2 which creates cool gasiform air at extremely low temperatures ranging from -110°C to -190°. Benefits of cryotherapy are reflected primarily in the regeneration processes of the body and it's relaxing therapeutic effects. Stimulation in extremely cold environments may result in improvement of the body's ability to recognize various health conditions.

In case you would like more information on the availability of our equipment in particular countries & areas as well as to receive catalogs and useful information on how they function, please contact our team. We understand that for most, the critical question regarding the purchase of a cryosauna is how to make their cryotherapy business successful and make the most of their new equipment. If you have similar enquiries, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will gladly provide you with our advice and expertise.

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