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WBC Effects


Do you have any available research studies for the effects of whole body cryotherapy?

There is a growing number of research studies available that provide an insight into the effects of whole body cryotherapy, partial body cryotherapy as well as localized cryotherapy.

These include studies in sports medicine, physiotherapy and general medicine.

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What kind of issues does cryotherapy benefit?

Studies have shown that whole body cryotherapy can have desirable effects on blood circulation. This is based on the principle of stimulating receptors with extreme cold, resulting in rapid vasoconstriction and subsequent vasodilation. Frequently observed benefits of increased blood circulation include a heightened response to inflammation and positive effects on the metabolic function. These effects can be initiated by the sudden change in environment, which cools the body down and once the treatment is over, the clients body temperature starts to return to its natural level.

Many clients state that cryotherapy positively affected their energy levels and has shown to relieve psychological unease, anxiety and improve sleeping patterns.

How does whole body cryotherapy differ to an ice bath?

A WBC treatment offers a different experience and somewhat different results to an Ice Bath.                                          
Both treatments, stimulate the body to release anti-inflammatory proteins and endorphins that may result in improved blood circulation. Both treatments are said to have a positive effect on the distribution of potentially nutrient enriched blood as they change the inner environment.  What makes the difference?

In a cryotherapy chamber, the client goes through three minutes of extreme, dry cold that only reaches the top layers of skin and does not penetrate through muscle.

In an ice bath, fifteen minutes of cold water initially causes the body to react by transferring blood to the extremities and results in overall lowering of the body’s core temperature.

An ice bath is ultimately a more uncomfortable experience and for a longer period of time which limits the ability to exercise post treatment. If you’d like to get more information on the Effects of WBC, Contact Us.

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