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    How do the CRYO XC™ / CRYO XC™ Plus cryochambers work?

    The CRYO XC™ is built for the rapid application of cryotherapy in a safe environment. While in operation, the CRYO XC™ cryotherapy chamber / cryosauna requires the continuous supply of liquid nitrogen from a nitrogen vessel. LN2 is burst into the mechanism where it is processed into gasiform air that is subsequently transferred into the client cabin at temperatures between -180°F to -240°F / -120°C to -150°C.

    This quick process allows for instant exposure to an extreme environment.

    Read about The Experience in a CRYO XC™ cryotherapy chamber.

    Where do I get supplies of liquid nitrogen for my cryochamber?

    All liquid nitrogen used in CRYONiQ equipment is delivered by local or nationwide LN2 partners. These are usually delivering on a weekly basis or once in several weeks.

    Contact Us to find to get information on how much it would cost to receive regular deliveries of liquid nitrogen straight to your doorstep or read more about the options offered by Liquid Nitrogen Suppliers.

    What is the expected lifespan of the unit?

    The lifespan of the unit will depend on the day to day usage and regular maintenance of the unit but the CRYO XC™ Plus and CRYO XC™ are built to last tens of thousands of sessions. The first CRYONiQ units were introduced in 2016 and we have been collecting records since day one to make sure we have continuous reliability metrics.

    How many sessions per day can the unit handle?

    The unit can run through up to 100 sessions in a day. However, achieving such a higher number of sessions in a day is possible only with the right conditions based on the business field, area and the facilities. In this case, we would recommend installing a second unit in order to assure regular maintenance on the unit for long-term use. Under normal conditions, the units are taken through 10 to 40 sessions per day.

    How often do the units need maintenance or service?

    The units require maintenance after every day of use in the form of drying (wiping excess water built up in the cabin with towels is recommended), cleaning the cabin from dust and dirt that is brought into the room. It’s important to take care of water around the unit, as well as under the transfer hose and the nitrogen tanks. Closing the valve after finishing operation is one of the essential steps of maintenance.

    We offer maintenance guidelines for all CRYONiQ products. Following, these guidelines ensures that your unit remains in excellent condition for a long period of time.

    What are the risks associated with the use and storage of Liquid Nitrogen?

    The use of liquid nitrogen as a coolant in cryotherapy chambers and cryosaunas may pose some health risks. Although, it must be stated that nitrogen in it's liquid form nevers enters the user cabin at any stage of the procedure. The most critical safety hazards associated with the operation of cryotherapy chambers that use liquid nitrogen as a coolant are nitrogen buildup within the room where the machine is physically located and injuries related to cold air exposure. Records show that breaches in operation procedures have been the principal cause of nitrogen buildup due to improper ventilation of the room as well as the principal cause of injuries related to cold air exposure. This includes breaches in procedures by the operator by not ensuring that safety protocols are followed, as well as instances in which the user did not follow safety instructions, the user was not sincere about their existing medical conditions, or they were not aware of them.

    In the face of the potential hazards, the manufacturer’s & vendor’s role is to address these concerns in relation to all their products. We consider this a requirement for all those involved in the cryotherapy field for safeguarding the well-being of clients and operators at all times..
    According to EIGA (European Industrial Gases Association AISBL): “If properly designed and installed, cryo-cabins can be operated safely”. Read the Full Report from EIGA.

    In order to address these issues, we have equipped the CRYO XC™ with a set of Safety Features. Read more about the CRYONiQ approach and What to Expect from cryotherapy manufacturers.