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    In this section you will learn what types of businesses and people use cryotherapy chambers and why our customers chose to equip their business/training facilities/home with a cryo chamber / cryosauna.

    Who are our Customers?

    What Types of Businesses and Professionals use the CRYO XC™ Plus / CRYO XC™ cryo chamber?

    • Gym / Fitness Center
    • Luxury Spa
    • Chiropractor
    • Stand-Alone Cryo
    • Medical Spa
    • Hotel
    • Day Spa
    • Tanning Salon
    • Sports Medicine/Recovery
    • Physical Therapist
    • Hospitals/Clinics

    What Types of Organizations use the CRYO XC™ Plus / CRYO XC™ cryo chamber?

    • Sports Clubs/Teams
    • Athletic Associations
    • Major Sporting Competitions

    Who uses our cryochambers at Home & for Private use?

    • Pro Fitness Trainers
    • Pro Athletes
    • Luxury Wellness Clubs
    • Home Wellness
    • Active People

    Why Get a Cryo Chamber?

    Why do businesses, professionals and recovery specialists install cryo chambers?

    Adding a new treatment to the list of services can greatly contribute to the growth of a business or improve the quality of offered services. That is why we conducted a survey where we asked potential customers and our existing customers why they were considering the purchase of a cryo chamber or other cryotherapy machines to better understand our customer's goals.

    We asked our customers to tell us about their biggest motivating factor.

    Top 6 reasons why customers chose to buy a cryotherapy chamber Customer Survey
    Attracting new customers with a brand new treatment. 34%
    To boost recovery/Wellbeing of the customer/user 30%
    Growing profits with Cryotherapy Services 14%
    To offer an exclusive service 8%
    Retaining the existing customer base with an additional service. 7%
    Keeping up with local competitor / getting ahead of competitor 5%
    Other 2%

    There are several motivations to add cryotherapy into the list of services, they most often revolve around offering a new form of treatment or giving existing customers a boost to their usual forms of recovery.

    If you're interested in learning what impact cryotherapy has had for some of our customers businesses go to our Reviews page.

    Why do Sports Organizations choose to install cryo chambers at home or for private use?

    Great recovery routines are often considered to be the key to success in pro sports. Even a small detail can contribute to achieving greatness.

    Here are the main reasons why sports organizations are installing our cryo chambers for their athletes.

    Top 3 reasons why sports organizations chose to buy a cryotherapy chamber Customer Survey
    To boost recovery/wellbeing of the sportsmen/sportswomen/athletes 34%
    To provide the best recovery methods to sportsmen/sportswomen/athletes 25%
    Special Edge 25%
    Other 16%

    Why do customers choose to install cryo chambers at home or for private use?

    Personal recovery has become a very popular health trend that's helping active people stay fit in their daily lives.

    Below is a survey we have conducted among our customers who installed a cryo chamber at home, for private sports training facilities or pro fitness Trainers.

    Top 4 reasons why customers chose to buy a cryotherapy chamber Customer Survey
    Personal Recovery 45%
    Part of Wellness Routine 37%
    Special Edge 10%
    Resistance & Immunity-building 5%
    Other 3%

    Why Use Cryotherapy?

    Why do people use Cryo Chambers for recovery?

    1. Whole Body Cryotherapy has shown to reduce migraine symptoms, according to a study in Hawaii.
    2. According to a study by the New York Chiropractic College, cryotherapy can help alleviate pain with a numbing effect on the nerves.
    3. Can have a positive effect on anxiety and depression, according to a study conducted in Poland.
    4. Can be used for rehabilitation in patients with rheumatoid diseases. A study by a team of German researchers has shown.
    5. Has been proposed to have beneficial effects on Alzheimer's disease according to a polish study.
    6. According to a team of finnish researchers who studied the effects of cryotherapy on skin conditions cryotherapy can be used as a treatment for skin conditions such as dermatitis.

    Other benefits may include: improved recovery after excercise, boost in muscles, positive effects on energy levels, mood improvement and many appreciate socializing during the treatment.

    Who Should Not Use Cryotherapy?

    Read the list of Contraindications for cryotherapy.

    What is Cryotherapy?

    Click below to find answers to basic questions about cryotherapy, like what is cryotherapy, what types of cryotherapy are there, how does cryotherapy work, and what cryotherapy research topics are available?