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    Find out about you can customize the CRYO XC™ Plus - CRYO XC™ on both the exterior and interior.


    CRYO XC™ Plus - CRYO XC™

    Branding offers several ways to personalize the CRYO XC™ Plus - CRYO XC™ to your preferences. The options for the exterior shell and the interior embroidery are mostly a cosmetic feature and can be useful for marketing purposes rather than being functional. The orientation of the unit and the operating panel, however, are important for ease of access in smaller facilities/premises.


    Exterior Branding

    Customize the exterior shell of your cryo chamber with a smaller simple logo or modify the design by wrapping the unit in vynil.
    Both options offer a very different effect, with simplicity that brings out the logo to the forefront or a striking full redesign that seeks to impress.
    Reach out to us for more ideas.


    Interior Branding

    Imprint your name on the cryotherapy unit with interior embroidery.
    The embroidery can display a logo or the name of the unit. Reach out to us for more examples or ideas.



    The orientation of a cryo chamber is an often ignored factor that can be very important for ease of access during treatments.

    Orientation of the unit is more important for facilities with smaller rooms that don't offer additional space around the unit.

    For those customers, it's very important to consider when looking to buy a cryo chamber. Get in touch with us if you need advice.