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    Learn about the types of Insurance that Cryotherapy Businesses are getting and why we recommend getting Insurance for your Business.

    What type of insurance should I get for cryotherapy treatments?

    When running nearly any type of business, there are many situations in which your customers or staff could be exposed to an unsafe environment.
    Having general insurance coverage in these circumstances does provide a level of comfort, but does a general insurance policy also include cryotherapy?
    Most likely not, cryotherapy insurance falls into the category of Professional Liability Insurance and may require having an individual policy specifically for cryotherapy.
    These are the three types of insurance that most cryotherapy businesses would ever need:

    Insurance Type Description
    General Liability Insurance This type of policy covers general claims, including slip and fall claims as well as product liability.
    Professional Liability Insurance This type of policy offers coverage for injuries, suffered during a cryotherapy treatment.
    Business Property Insurance This type of policy covers equipment including the cryotherapy chamber, and hardware.

    What should a good insurance policy include?

    Cryotherapy business insurance should offer risk management advice on: Waivers/Hold Harmless, Contracts, Advertising Issues, Loss Control

    Why do I need insurance specifically for whole-body cryotherapy?

    Under certain conditions, cryotherapy can expose the user to the risk of frostbite or asphyxiation.

    Most cryotherapy equipment uses liquid nitrogen to cool the system inside the cryo cabin, and if there aren't sufficient safety protocols and measures in place, this could expose the operator and user to an unsafe environemnt.

    Insurance Premiums

    Please note that cryotherapy insurance premiums can be quite high in some locations due to the detrimental effects of an unregulated business environment created by some businesses


    If you'd like to find out about the cost of insurance, how to get the best policy and other details, get in touch with our team: