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  • What kind of licenses or training do I need to run CRYONiQ equipment?

    As part of our Operator Training program, We cover the aspects of running a cryotherapy chamber & business with all new operators.

    This includes a walkthrough of the properties of liquid nitrogen, day to day handling of nitrogen tanks, operation, clients, safety in session, efficient scheduling and other tips & advice.

    After the training session is finished and the new operators are sufficiently educated, we issue an Operator Certificate to all new operators.

    Aside from the certification provided by CRYONiQ & authorized representatives, there may be additional requirements or Licenses & Permits that are essential to running a cryotherapy chamber. Due to the nature of the coolant used and stored on-site with the CRYO XC™, the local health & safety authorities and/or the city council may require that the business or facilities that are planning to install the equipment provide additional information on the safety & certification of the new equipment.

    In case of enquiries such as these, Contact Us and our team of experts will assist and guide you through the process of obtaining the required approvals.                                        

    How do I train & provide certification to new staff as the company grows?

    Option A is hiring one of our technicians for a site visit which will take your staff through the whole Operator Training program. This program is also available in case the management feels like requalification or additional training is necessary.

    The second option is through our online course. Our technicians are available for an online training session for a fee, this requires contacting our Support Team. Certificates of Training can be issued and sent to your business address after a full training course has taken place.


    What are the requirements in my state & city to install and operate a cryogenic chamber?

    States & cities have various requirements for storing and usage of liquid nitrogen and liquid nitrogen cooled equipment indoors. Some may require proof of certification of the equipment for safety & quality such as the UL/ETL mark, while others may require the facilities to be pre-certified as safe for storing LN2 on-site. Separate requirements and regulations may be enforced on installations outdoors, such as approval from the fire department and others. These points must all be factored into the risk assessment or analysis prior to proceeding with the equipment purchase or install.                 

    What kind of insurance do I need to operate a Cryo unit?

    The requirements for Insurance will depend on the background of the business and the business' activities. If you are offering cryotherapy services to the public, you may need to add this service to your insurance policy or expand your public liability insurance coverage.

    Contact Us for additional information.

    Are CRYONiQ units approved or certified by any official institutions?

    CRYONiQ units are certified CE and compliant with EU electrical and electromagnetic standards. Our main manufacturing plant where the CRYO XC™ is made is an ISO 9001 certified site. We are continuously engaged in the certification of our products and quality management processes.

    Read more about our approach to Quality & Certification.



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