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  • Used Cryotherapy Machines for Sale

    Find offers on Used Cryotherapy Chambers, Cryosaunas and Localized Cryotherapy Machines for Cryofacials. Scroll down to see our current selection of used equipment and why buying used can be a cost-effective way to get your cryo business up and running.

    Why Buy Used Cryotherapy Equipment?

    Buying a Used Cryotherapy Machine offers a great way of adding a new treatment to your business or recovery room with a lower initial investment. It's worth considering especially when the used cryogenic equipment has been refurbished or certified to be fully operational and guaranteed to be in great working condition by a trained technician. Our selection of equipment that is offered for sale in this section has gone through a process of quality assurance and that is why each purchase carries a warranty.

    Advantages of buying used cryotherapy equipment

    • Lower Price point and more cost-effective
    • All equipment is refurbished and verified
    • Disassembly at original location made by CRYONiQ
    • Delivery secured by CRYONiQ
    • Install & Training performed by CRYONiQ appointed tech.
    • Available Project Assistance
    • Additional Warranty options                                                                               

    Inventory of Used Cryotherapy Chambers


    2021 CRYO XC™

    Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber / Cryosauna

    $45 000,00
    Perfect condition - CRYONiQ Showroom unit
    CRYO XC™
    Pressurized system
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    2020 CRYO XC™

    Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber / Cryosauna

    $42 000,00
    In perfect condition, Used by professional boxers, Upgraded to CRYO XC™ Plus 2022
    CRYO XC™
    Pressurized system
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    Trade-In Service

    Our Trade-In service allows buyers to trade in their used cryotherapy machine for credit that they can then use toward the purchase of a new/used piece of equipment from CRYONiQ. Trade-ins may not be available for all devices.

    As part of our Trade-In Service we may offer trade-ins for cryotherapy machines of the following brands:

    Whole Body Cryotherapy Chambers / Cryosaunas:

    CryoInnovations XR cryotherapy chamber
    Impact Cryosauna
    Cryomed Pro /Cryomedpro
    Cryomed Mini
    Cryo Science Arctic

    Localized Cryotherapy Machines / Cryofacial Devices:

    Cryo Penguin
    Cryo T Elephant
    Cryo T Elephant Mini

    CRYONiQ Helpline

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    +44 161 250 3098
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