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    In this section, you will learn about our models, systems, color options, customization options, accessories, service or configure your own CRYO XC™ Plus / CRYO XC™.
    Other discussed topics include the Order Process, a link to download the CRYO XC™ brochure or read about the Physical Specs of the CRYO XC™.

    Once we've gone through the basics and we have confirmed the facilities are suitable for the purposes of a cryo chamber, the next step is selecting your equipment and customizing it to your needs.

    We start by choosing between the available Models - the CRYO XC™ Plus and CRYO XC™. The CRYO XC™ Plus is our top-of the line cryo chamber that offers additional features and support and meets the strictest requirements, alongside the CRYO XC™ which has been the reliable option for hundreds of businesses and home cryotherapy use.
    When it comes to CRYO XC™ Systems, the biggest differences between the pressurized and non-pressurized system are often the customers preferences for handling tanks, the suitability for on-site nitrogen storage and nitrogen suppliers technical capacities, as well as any existing limitations on-site.

    Different Color Options and Branding give customers the ability to customize the cryotherapy equipment to their personal preferences.

    Our Options list the accessories and services that other customers are purchasing most often together with their equipment.
    Options also give businesses the tools to make the treatment more comfortable for both the operator and cryotherapy users. Options are not always necessary, but may be a useful addition in some cases.

    The Physical Specs of the cryo chamber and storage tanks play an important role, as different circumstances such as sufficient door clearance as well as physical space requirements for the purchased equipment, the accessories or a changing room may be limiting factors.

    All of these selections, options and specifications are accessible through the CRYO XC™ Configurator, that users can use to configure their own CRYO XC™ cryo chamber and submit a short list of their selection.
    If you are considering purchasing our equipment, you may be interested in learning about the Order Process with CRYONiQ and to learn about the steps to buy a cryotherapy chamber.

    CRYO XC™ Models

    CRYO XC™ Plus
    CRYO XC™

    Our Models include the flagship CRYO XC™ installed in more than 300 locations and the CRYO XC™ Plus, with features that meet the strictest safety requirements. Learn about the features and specification of our equipment.

    CRYO XC™ Systems

    Pressurized System
    Non-Pressurized System

    Our Systems include the pressurized system that uses large capacity nitrogen tanks for storage and the non-pressurized system for more flexible and smaller facilities. Learn about the technical specification of our systems.

    CRYO XC™ Color Options


    Our Color Options offer a selection of 5 interior colors and 5 exterior colors.


    Exterior Branding
    Interior Branding

    The CRYO XC™ offers brand customization for the exterior and interior. This gives businesses and cryotherapy owners additional opportunities to personalize their selected equipment to their needs and to promote their brand.


    Selection of Accessories
    & Services

    Options include a range of products and services that are useful when setting up and running a cryotherapy or recovery spot.

    Configure Your CRYO XC™

    CRYO XC™ Plus
    CRYO XC™

    Our Configurator allows the user to personalize their cryotherapy unit to their wishes and to read about the specification and options available for the equipment..

    Order Process

    & Payment Terms

    Read about the Order Process, the Terms of Sale and the Payment Terms.

    CRYO XC™ Brochure

    Product Leaflet

    Get an overview of the features, systems and options in a single leaflet. Downloadable in PDF format.

    CRYO XC™ Physical Specs

    & Space Requirements

    Get the dimensions and find out the space requirements for the CRYO XC™ Plus and CRYO XC™.

    Learn More About Cryo Chambers

    Find out how cryotherapy chambers can help your business grow, learn how a cryo chamber at home can be an everyday boost for users or research the steps on how to pick a cryo chamber.

    Learn More About Cryo Chambers

    Find out how cryotherapy chambers can help your business grow, learn how a cryo chamber at home can be an everyday boost for users or research the steps on how to pick a cryo chamber.

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    Cryotherapy Chamber Cost

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    Nitrogen vs Electric vs Hyb. Cryo Chambers

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    Cryotherapy Machine Guide

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    Used Cryotherapy Equipment
    Used Cryotherapy Equipment

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    Cryo Chambers for Business
    Cryo Chambers for Business

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    Cryo Chambers for Home
    Cryo Chambers for Home

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    Why Get a Cryo Chamber?
    Why Get a Cryo Chamber?

    Why do Businesses, Professionals and home users choose to install cryo chambers?

    What is Cryotherapy?
    What is Cryotherapy?

    Learn the basics about cryotherapy including frequently asked questions,  types of cryotherapy, and find out why people use cryotherapy.