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    Learn about our financing options, including business loans, trade-in opportunities or find out about the conditions if you would like to lease cryotherapy machines.

    Cryotherapy Equipment Financing

    As part of our range of services we work with a number of financing partners that have helped many of our customers start their venture into cryotherapy. Get in touch with our team to find out how you can get financing for your new cryotherapy chamber, send a financing application or check out the available options.

    The most popular used method of financing is to lease the cryotherapy machine.

    Eligibility for Financing

    • Interested in financing options for CRYONIQ Cryotherapy Equipment & Accessories
    • Existing Business Activity or sound Business Plan
    • Compliance with local Safety Regulations and Guidelines
    • Consent with Credit Check
    • Prior research on cryotherapy equipment  

    Advantages of Financing

    • Conserve Working Capital
    • Tax advantages
    • Management of assets
    • Flexibility of financing terms
    • Faster route to equipping your facilities
    • Additional opportunities for your business

    Available Financing Options

    Business Loans
    Cryotherapy Machine Lease

    Requirements for a Business Loan or Leasing include:

    In business for more than 1 year
    Personal FICO credit score of 650 or above
    Existing Funds in the company bank account

    View Financing Options

    Send Application

    Other Forms of Financing include:

    SBA Loans

    Apply for special loans such as an SBA loan (Small Business Administration).
    You can either contact U.S. SBA or reach out to Chase or Bank of America

    Finding Investors or Business Partners

    If you happen to have already developed a business plan for your new venture, you may be able to find an investor that could help you start up your recovery or cryotherapy business.
    You can join up with a like-minded business partner that can help you start.

    Equipment/Revenue Sharing

    Find a local business in a field that complements cryotherapy and share the cost of your equipment with them. They can then use the equipment
    In return, they will be allowed to use the equipment or send all of their customers looking for cryo through your door.

    Consider a Microloan

    Microloans usually carry higher interest rates, but can get you anywhere between $500 up to $35,000.

    TAX Deductions

    Tax Deductions can provide an additional incentive to purchase cryotherapy equipment.
    Find out about Section 179 below.

    Section 179 Tax Ded.

    CRYONiQ Helpline

    Need help with something else?  Contact Us.

    +44 161 250 3098
    [email protected]

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