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  • What are the cryo therapy room requirements and pre-installation requirements?

    Opening a recovery center with cryotherapy services using equipment cooled by mediums such as liquid nitrogen will require installing a set of safety measures in the facilities. We provide assistance on the installation of a standardized set of safety measures and monitoring systems. This includes estimates and guidance on the initial costs to fit out new businesses and locations. For customers looking to get an estimate on the total costs, we require additional details about the facilities.

    Check out the Room Requirements.

    What is the actual size of the cryotherapy chamber and where can it be installed?

    The dimensions of the CRYO XC™ are 5ft x 3ft x 7ft 3in or 1,5 m x 0,9 m x 2,22 m. That may be compared to a large size refrigerator. Thanks to the CRYO XC's versatile design we are able to install the unit in just about any location. When combined with two unique systems, the CRYO XC™ provides opportunities for businesses that would not have been able to consider installing a cryotherapy chamber in their facilities.

    This versatility allows for operation of a cryotherapy chamber in smaller rooms, in more constrained conditions with more rigorous requirements for safety.

    Check out the Physical Specs of the CRYO XC™ Plus/ CRYO XC™.

    What if my business is a success and I need to expand my client capacity?

    In the scenario of standalone cryotherapy businesses with 25 or more clients per day we would first suggest considering your clients' convenience and wait times. Then it would be advisable to look at efficiency of client bookings and maximizing the operating efficiency of the equipment.

    Options for expansion include expanding the existing facilities or franchise expansion.                                        
    It will be important to consider the pro's and con's for any form of expansion.

    These include looking at the area most of your clients are residing in our making their trip from which could make it more feasible to consider expanding the cryotherapy franchise into a new neighborhood rather than increasing capacities within the existing facilities.

    Expansion of the existing facilities would require planning for the additional footfall of clients within the facilities as well as securing sufficient safety conditions for installing another cryotherapy chamber and storing additional nitrogen tanks.

    In case of any questions or need of advice on which way you should go, Contact Us by calling +44 778 831 0020.                                        




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