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    Budget for Safety & LN2 Storage

    • Peter B. Marusich, CEO
    • CRYONiQ News

    Whether you’re thinking about starting a new cryotherapy business or expanding your existing business with cryotherapy equipment, it will be important to consider not only which cryotherapy chamber to purchase, but also the many necessary additional safety elements that may be required.

    In case you are not considering these options beforehand, additional accessories and services can end up eating through the budget that you’ve set aside for other new equipment or they can lead to unexpected expenses at a later stage.

    This is the one of the reasons why we offer project assistance that helps clients with budgeting for a cryotherapy center or recovery room.

    The CRYO XC™ and CRYO XC™ Plus Cryotherapy Chamber models both have built in safety features that ensure the safety of clients and operators. Features such as pressure valves, exhaust fans, a lift, and others come standard with all CRYONiQ units Q2 2021. The CRYO XC™ Plus has several additional features built in, that add extra comfort to both the cryotherapy owner and nitrogen suppliers and make it one of the safest cryotherapy units available. Find out more on our page about Safety Features.

    Whole-Body Cryotherapy Models:

    • CRYO XC™
    • CRYO XC™ Plus

    Go to our CRYO XC™ Models page for more information.

    Cryotherapy Chamber Systems:

    Pressurized System –

    • This system uses pressurized tanks which do not come standard with the unit.
    • Pressurized Tanks/Cylinders can be rented from a nitrogen supplier or purchased outright.
    • Pressurized tanks are continuously maintained under pressure and use the held pressure to supply the system with liquid nitrogen.
    • The pressurized vessel generally stores larger volumes of nitrogen and may pose a higher safety risk when stored indoors.
    • This system is preferred by most nitrogen suppliers in the United States.
    • Standard 240 liter pressurized tanks range between $4,500.00 - $10,000.00.

    Non-Pressurized (Dewar) System –

    • This system uses a Dewar tank/vessels and comes standard with two 50 L Dewar tanks.
    • This system has a number of obstacles for customers in the United States when compared to the pressurized system. Availability is subject to approval from the local liquid nitrogen supplier.
    • The dewar vessel generally stores a smaller amount of nitrogen, and does not store liquid nitrogen under pressure, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

    Go to our CRYO XC™ Systems page for more information.

    Safety Equipment in Cryotherapy Facilities

    Ventilation / AC

    Your facilities may require the installation of a ventilation system in the Cryotherapy room or the storage area. We recommend that you consult with your local nitrogen supplier about any pre-installed Ventilation / AC that is already in place. It may be compatible. Depending on the requirements for particular locations, installing the required ventilation system can cost from $1,000 for basic setups up to $20,000 for advanced ventilation and monitoring systems.

    Air Exchange Rate

    The minimum air exchange rate for the ventilation system is 6 changes per hour.

    Oxygen Sensor

    Your nitrogen supplier may require the installation of an oxygen sensor in the Cryotherapy room. In case the selected location requires additional oxygen monitoring, CRYONiQ offers monitoring systems and oxygen sensors. This equipment is also usually available for purchase from the nitrogen supplier. Oxygen monitors start from $300 for handheld oxygen monitors, to $1,600 for wall mounted oxygen monitors, or they can be built into the cryotherapy equipment like the CRYO XC™ Plus.


    For additional information on equipment for a cryotherapy facility, check out the CRYO XC™/CRYO XC™ Plus Requirements page.


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