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    Operator Training is an integral part of service for all CRYONiQ localized devices in all territories.

    The extent of training and other services may vary in different territories, but is always available either in on-site form or online.

    Before Install & Training can take place, the owner/manager of the cryotherapy location will need to decide on the final number of new operators and to submit the names of the new operators that will be trained on Training day.

    This information must be submitted to the assigned CRYONiQ technician at least two weeks before Training Day on [email protected].

    How does CRYO LC Operator Training take place?

    On-Site Training

    Training Duration        2 hours

    In case of on-site training the CRYONiQ technician will unbox the CRYO LC and make sure everything is operational before proceeding to training.                                                    
    To be able to operate the unit, the CRYO LC will require a fill of liquid nitrogen from an LN2 supplier.

    Training can begin immediately after the technician checks that everything is operational and the storage vessel contains at least 20 liters of LN2.

    Scheduling install and training for a specific time outside of the regular hours or work day may be possible in some cases, this option must be communicated before Install & Training.

    Online Training

    Training Duration        2 hours

    Online training requires that the new operator has unboxed the CRYO LC and the storage vessel has had a fill of liquid nitrogen.

    Training with a CRYONiQ representative must be scheduled at least 7 days prior.

    The following list is a breakdown of the training process.

    Training Process                                                    

    1. Introduction                                                    
    2. Liquid Nitrogen & Storage Vessels                                                    
      a. Liquid Nitrogen Basics                                                    
      b. Handling Liquid Nitrogen                                                    
      c. Common Liquid Nitrogen Issues                                                    
    3. The Cryotherapy Equipment                                                    
      a. Operation                                                    
      b. Control Panel                                                    
      c. Troubleshooting Technical Issues                                                    
      d. Safety Measures                                                    
      e. Regular Maintenance                                                    
    4. Localized Cryotherapy                                                    
      a. The Basics                                                    
      b. The Experience                                                    
      c. Observed benefits                                                    
    5. Indications & Contraindications for Cryotherapy.
      a. In case of any adverse health conditions. Required approval from Doctor/GP.
      b. Waiver with Questionnaire about clients’ health                                                    
    6. The Session                                                    
      a. Client’s behavior during treatment                                                    
    7. Marketing & Business Advice                                                    
      a. Observed benefits                                                    
      b. Maximizing efficiency & Scheduling                                                    
    8. Training Certificates for Operators                                                    
      a. Issued to future operators.                                                    
    9. Conditions of Operation                                                    
      a. Must be signed by the owner and/or manager of the cryotherapy location.
    10. Installation & Delivery protocol                                                    
      a. Must be signed by the purchasing client and/or person responsible for purchase and operation of the equipment.                                                    
    11. Warranty Sheet                                                    
      a. Provides details of the limited Warranty and sets initiation and expiration date.  

    After Training is complete, CRYONiQ provides all necessary documentation for the Install, Training, Certification and Warranty.

    Should the new operators have any questions, CRYONiQ technicians are readily available to provide support.

    Should the Cryotherapy location require additional or refresher training, CRYONiQ technicians are available for training for 30 to 60 minutes at no additional cost throughout the Warranty period. Contact Us to arrange a training session.

    If the cryotherapy location would like to train new operators after the Warranty period is over, please Contact Us.