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    Learn about the process of buying and installing a cryotherapy chamber with our Cryo Chamber Guide.

    What's the purpose of the Cryo Chamber Guide?

    When exploring the option of adding a cryo chamber to your business, training facilities or home gym, it's important to understand the budget requirements, safety aspects, the range of options that the equipment offers, and what level of support you can expect throughout the order process, after purchase and in daily operation of the cryotherapy equipment.

    This section discusses the most relevant points when looking to buy a cryotherapy chamber and offers a breakdown of the services and equipment that we believe are important.

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    1. Cryotherapy Owners & Users

    What types of businesses and professionals use whole body cryotherapy machines for commercial purposes and who uses cryo chambers at home or for private use?

    Our Customers

    Who installs Cryotherapy Chambers for Business, Professional Use or for Home?

    Why Get a Cryo Chamber?

    Why do Businesses, Professionals and home users choose to install cryo chambers?

    Why Use Cryotherapy?

    Find out about the benefits of cryotherapy treatments and the experiences customers have had with cryotherapy

    Cryo Chambers for Business

    Who are the potential clients for a cryotherapy business? What is the cryotherapy business start up cost and how to start a cryotherapy business?

    Cryo Chambers for Home

    How to choose a cryotherapy machine for home use and how do you setup whole body cryotherapy at home?

    2. Before Ordering Equipment

    Learn about the requirements and what you need to know before deciding to buy a cryotherapy chamber. Click on Before Ordering to enter the section or select one of the topics below.

    Room Requirements

    What are the room requirements for ithe installation of a cryotherapy chamber?

    Budget & Operating Costs

    What is the cost to setup a cryotherapy chamber? How I do calculate the budget for my project?

    Safety Features

    What are the most useful safety features for a cryotherapy chamber?

    Liquid Nitrogen Suppliers

    What is the cost of liquid nitrogen for cryotherapy treatments? How do I find a local supplier for liquid nitrogen cryotherapy equipment?


    Is cryotherapy covered by Insurance? How do I get cryotherapy business insurance?

    Licenses & Permits

    Do you need a license to do cryotherapy? What licenses and permits will I need to have before I can operate a cryotherapy chamber in my facilities?


    What are the ways to finance cryotherapy equipment? How can I lease cryotherapy machines?

    3. Customize Your Equipment

    Learn more about our models, systems, color options, customization options, accessories, services or configure your own CRYO XC™ Plus / CRYO XC™. In this section, you can also learn about the Order Process, download the CRYO XC™ brochure or read about the Physical Specs of the CRYO XC™

    CRYO XC™ Models

    CRYO XC™ Plus
    CRYO XC™

    Learn about our flagship CRYO XC™ Plus with advanced features and the popular and reliable CRYO XC™.

    CRYO XC™ Systems

    Pressurized System
    Non-Pressurized System

    Find out the advantages and suitability of the pressurized vs. Non-pressurized systems.

    CRYO XC™ Color Options


    Our color options offer a selection of 5 colors for the interior and 5 colors for the exterior.

    CRYO XC™ Customization


    The CRYO XC™ offers brand customization for the exterior and interior. This gives businesses and cryotherapy owners additional opportunities to personalize their selected equipment.

    Options & Services

    Selection of
    Accessories & Services

    Options include a range of products and services that are useful when setting up and running a cryotherapy or recovery spot.

    Configure Your Own

    CRYO XC™ Plus
    CRYO XC™

    Our Configurator allows the user to personalize their cryotherapy unit to their wishes and to read about the specification and options of the equipment.

    Order Process

    Terms of Sale &
    Payment Terms

    Read about the Order Process, the Terms of Sale and the Payment Terms.

    CRYO XC™ Brochure

    Product Leaflet

    Get an overview of the features, systems, and options in a single leaflet. Downloadable in PDF format.

    CRYO XC™ Physical Specs

    & Space Requirements

    Get the dimensions and find out the space requirements for the CRYO XC™ Plus and CRYO XC™.

    4. After Purchasing Equipment

    Learn about the services after purchase, such as Install & Training, Tech. Support, Maintenance as well as the Warranty Terms. Go to the After Purchase section to read about our support or select a topic below.


    What delivery options does CRYONiQ offer and what packaging does the equipment come in?

    CRYO XC™ Installation

    What are the requirements for installation? How does on-site equipment installation take place?

    Operator Training

    What cryotherapy training courses are available? How does training take place? Do I need a cryotherapy license or certification?

    Tech Support

    What Service can customers expect from CRYONiQ after they've purchased a cryotherapy chamber?


    How do I perform routine maintenance of the cryotherapy equipment and what service do customers receive after they've purchased a cryotherapy chamber?


    What are the Warranty terms, can I get an extension and how do you take care of customers after the warranty has expired?


    Do you offer any advice on marketing for cryotherapy and how do you help customers make the most of their new equipment?

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