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  • What is Localized Cryotherapy and how does it work?

    Localized Cryotherapy is a treatment that allows the application of extremely cold temperatures on specific areas of the body.

    Other frequently used terms for localized cryotherapy include spot cryotherapy, cryofacials and local cryotherapy.       

    How long is a single session?

    Operators can choose to follow standard treatment guidelines or allow the customer to choose the duration and intensity of the treatment.

    The treatment can be targeted to any area of the body which gives the client a level of control over the treatment.

    Where do I get supplies of liquid nitrogen for my cryochamber?

    All liquid nitrogen used in CRYONiQ equipment is delivered by local or nationwide LN2 partners. These services are usually available on a weekly basis or once in several weeks.

    Contact Us to find to get information on how much it would cost to get regular deliveries of liquid nitrogen straight to your doorstep or read more about the options offered by Liquid Nitrogen Suppliers.

    What is the expected lifespan of the unit?

    The lifespan of the unit will depend on the day to day usage and regular maintenance of the unit, but the CRYO LC has been designed to withstand thousands of hours of operation.

    How many sessions per day can the unit handle?

    Quality tests have shown the CRYO LC's operation is limited only to liquid nitrogen supply. The storage vessel used with  the vessel holds enough nitrogen to last 300 minutes of operation on standard settings.

    While operating outside of standard settings, the number of sessions will depend on the length and intensity of sessions.

    The LC can perform a minimum of 25 - 30 standard ten minute sessions.

    How often do the units need maintenance or service?

    The most important form of maintenance on the CRYO LC is ensuring the unit is turned off when not in use.

    There are very striaghtforward guidelines on service for the CRYO LC which ensures very swift issue resolution. Reach out to a CRYONiQ representative to find out more.

    What are the risks associated with the use and storage of Liquid Nitrogen?

    The use of liquid nitrogen as a coolant in localized cryotherpay devices may pose some health risks. The most critical safety hazards associated with the operation of local cryo devices that use liquid nitrogen as a coolant are asphyxiation and frostbite.

    In the face of the potential hazards, the manufacturer’s & vendor’s role is to address these concerns in relation to all their products. We consider this a requirement for all those involved in the cryotherapy field for safeguarding the well-being of clients and operators at all times when exposed to industrial gases.