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    What are the clients first reactions and expectations?

    New clients are generally excited about trying a new treatment that involves an extremely cold environment like they've never experienced before. Some are hesitant at first, but are usually convinced when their buddies or relatives get through the session safely.                                                                                                                        
    The most common expectations for cryotherapy treatments are weight loss, energy boosts, recovery from injuries, pain reduction, improved sleep, psychological benefits and others. Cryotherapy can be a great tool in achieving these goals faster and smoother when combined with the correct protocols.

    How to proceed with new clients?

    As a safety precaution, operators are trained to be more cautious with new clients who have never experienced the treatment and that’s why introductory sessions are generally set to a lower intensity and have a shorter duration. Some clients may be allergic to cold and some may have more sensitive skin that is not capable of withstanding the extremely cold air on the first try. Correct operation guidelines ensure that both the operator and the client are safe at all times.

    Many clients with extremely sensitive skin have gradually adapted to cryotherapy treatments even if they were sensitive to the cold on their first try.

    All clients must be aware of the List of Contraindications and accept any risks involved.
    All clients must follow the safety guidelines and the instructions given by the operator.
    The client must not block air pathways inside the cryocabin.

    The Session Breakdown

    The session begins once the client is in the correct position and complying with all safety requirements. Some clients may want to go through a personalized experience, such as the thermal contrast session or have a shorter/more intense session.

    Generally, the first minute is what is called the adaptive phase. In the adaptive phase, the clients body temperature is still largely unaffected, and skin receptors are only beginning to respond to the change in environment. The feeling may be uncomfortable at first due to the sudden change in air temperature. Often going from 20°C/70°F in the room down to -140°C/-240°F inside the cryocabin.

    The second minute is the intense phase, skin receptors are beginning to respond by physiological adaptation which ultimately leads to vasoconstriction in the affected areas. After about 90 seconds into the session, the client may begin to feel a tingling experience, especially in their calves which is an effect of vasoconstriction. At this point, the client has slowly adapted to the cold.

    The third minute is the ride-out phase in which the client is often ready to exit at any moment. Making it through the third minute is important for the overall effect of the treatment.

    After exiting, some clients may feel relieved for making it through the whole three minutes, but most clients state that they could last another minute.

    What are the most common effects of WBC

    The immediate effects of WBC observed by clients are increased energy levels, increased mobility in the extremities, body cool-down and positive changes in their mood.

    The most significant effect of WBC is increased blood flow. Increased blood flow has many benefits on our health, of which many have been confirmed by extensive Studies.

    The positive/negative effects of increased blood flow are also the reason why clients should first consider learning about the indications and contraindications for a WBC session.
    Read more about the Effects of WBC.

    Physical Requirements & Limitations for a WBC session

    From the physical point of view, the CRYO XC™ cryotherapy chamber offers even distribution of cold, which is a significant feature for session quality. Find out more about the Quality of Session.

    Clients are rarely claustrophobic as the cryotherapy chamber is open-top which leaves the clients’ head outside of the cabin. In case clients are feeling uncomfortable, they have the option to open either door at any stage of the session.

    The operator must be present and ensure the clients well-being at all times.
    The client must not be operating/using the cryotherapy chamber alone at any point.