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    CRYO XC™ Quality & Certification

    We control the quality of our products and services thanks to a reliable supply chain, certified organizational structure, R&D, comprehensive operator training and continuous customer support.

    CRYONiQ Service

    The CRYONiQ approach to quality is primarily based on customer feedback and quick response time to service requests.

    Our aim is to minimize the amount of time dedicated to service, by maximizing efficiency of troubleshooting and dedicating our time to solutions that eliminate potential downtime.

    The CRYONiQ support team responds to service requests in a systemic way, that guarantees a quick decision. This requires the operator to provide a detailed description of the experienced issue including photographic and/or video evidence.

    By collecting information efficiently, our R&D department can take quick course of action and develop a reliable solution that prevents the issue from occurring in the future.


    Training Certificate

    From data collected since 2017, proper training procedures for cryotherapy equipment operators have come out as one of the key factors for the prevention and efficient resolution of technical issues. The second biggest factors include having the right setup of accessories and reliable suppliers.

    All cryotherapy equipment ultimately requires some form of maintenance when in operation. It’s essential that the operator is familiar with the maintenance guidelines that ensure that operation of the equipment is not disrupted by a preventable service issue.

    That is why all future personnel operating CRYONiQ equipment must be taken through a training session. Once completed, the staff receives certification for the use of their individual cryotherapy equipment.

    Refresher-training for operators is available.

    To learn more about Training for the CRYO XC™/CRYO XC™ Plus please go to Operator Training

    Manufacturing Facilities

    CRYONiQ Manufacturing is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility.

    ISO certification demonstrates a company’s dedication to quality assurance and organization of the manufacturing process, service/support as well as its management system.


    According to the FDA, the CRYO XC™/CRYO XC™ Plus (CRYONiQ cryotherapy chamber) is categorized as an FDA 513g non-medical device.