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  • Our mission is to build reliable cryotherapy machines and equipment offered with a full of range of services that improve peoples day to day lives.

    Our Approach

    Our strategy is to learn from our customers feedback and experience gained on all levels of the cryotherapy business.
    This includes manufacturing, operating a retail cryotherapy business and distribution of equipment in various territories by offering all essential services.
    This approach has afforded us with valuable insight into the work of a cryotherapy operator, daily service requirements and understanding the challenges that our clients, partners and users are often facing.

    Why should you work with Cryoniq?

    • Customer comes first
    • Focus on product & service quality
    • In-house R&D team dedicated to continuous development
    • Flexible manufacturing capacities
    • Over 500 successful installations worldwide
    • Reliable technical support
    • Extensive distribution experience
    • Experience with establishing a successful cryotherapy retail business

    Why should you choose Cryoniq products?

    Quality that is built to last
    We use the best components to maximize reliability and minimize downtime.

    Our designs are functional & minimalistic
    Our products are carefully designed with focus on convenience and user experience.

    Tech. Support is always available and reliable
    You can count on our support team to respond within a short period of time.

    Read more about our Story.

    Got questions ?

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    +1 (302) 303 0870