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    WBC Effects


    Do you have any available research studies for the effects of whole body cryotherapy?

    There is a growing number of research studies available that provide an insight into the effects of whole body cryotherapy, partial body cryotherapy as well as localized cryotherapy.

    These include studies in sports medicine, physiotherapy and general medicine.

    Contact Us to get access to our list of research studies. Please specify which field you would like to learn more about

    What are the benefits of cryotherapy ?

    Numerous studies have shown that hyper-cooled air may have desirable effects on the human body. These effects are initiated by the rapid change in environment. The principle is to distribute cold air to an individual's body surface which results in an instant refreshing state for the user. Users also enjoy cryotherapy as it helps them feel rejuvenated. Crytherapy often helps users keep their commitment to their well-being as the cryotherapy session is short. This helps people stay focused on their goals.

    How does whole body cryotherapy differ to an ice bath?

    A WBC treatment offers a different experience and somewhat different results to an Ice Bath.

    In a cryotherapy chamber, the user goes through three minutes of extreme dry cold that only reaches the top layer of the body's surface like a very cold breeze of air. The cold does not penetrate through the skin.

    An ice bath is a fifteen to thirty minute session immersed in cold water which likely results in an overall decrease of the core temperature.

    Due to the duration of the session, the ice bath ends up being an overall less comfortable experience and limits the ability to exercise post treatment.

    If you’d like to get more information on the Effects of WBC, contact us.