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    CRYONiQ is open to discussing partnership opportunities in all territories and fields of business.

    If you're looking for our partners or you're looking to become a Distributor of cryotherapy equipment or a CRYONiQ partner, Contact Us below and let's start the conversation.

    What we need to know aboout you

    • Tell us about your current business activities
    • Number of employees
    • Prior business history
    • Business Plan for developing cryotherapy in your region
    • Your approach to Technical Support

    What we expect from our distributors:

    • Have an established business | Sales channels| Location for a demo unit
    • Be thoroughly informed about Nitrogen supply | Regulations
    • Know the market | Competition | Product & Service Pricing
    • Install & training | Service | Marketing
    • Have a defined business plan
    • Take part in our tech training
    • Have a long-term approach

    Our Assistance & Options Include:

    • High quality products with a proven track record
    • Distributor training
    • Straightforward communication
    • 10+ years of experience in the cryo business | 500+ installations all over the world
    • In house development
    • Reliable tech support
    • Marketing support (Google Ads, HQ Fotos | Graphics, videos and more)

    Conditions for Distributors & Partnerships

    • Have an established business | Sales channels| Location for a demo unit    
    • Be thoroughly informed about Nitrogen supply | Regulations 
    • Know the market | Competition | Pricing of the machines and sessions 
    • Capability to take of installations | Service | Marketing
    • Have a clear business plan   

    Contact us

    Get in touch for more information about our products, services & potential opportunities.

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