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    Starting a Cryotherapy Business or adding a Cryo Chamber to an existing business.

    Find out why businesses are choosing to install cryotherapy chambers and what steps you need to take to start your own successful cryotherapy business.

    Why start a cryotherapy business or add a cryosauna to an existing business?

    Starting a cryo chamber business can be your entry into the growing recovery industry. When approached correctly, offering cryo services can be a very profitable business. The same applies for existing businesses that add cryotherapy to their list of services which can provide an additional revenue stream, help retain existing customers as well as to attract new ones.

    Who are the potential clients for cryotherapy sessions?

    The great thing about whole-body cryotherapy is that nearly everyone with an active lifestyle is your potential customer, on top of many people looking to treat different medical conditions that cryotherapy can benefit. Ultimately, the biggest customer base for cryotherapy treatments are athletes on all levels together with physio patients.

    How can we help you start?

    As we are involved with all facets of the cryotherapy industry, from running a successful cryotherapy location, distribution of cryotherapy chambers, cryochamber manufacturing to extensive cryotherapy support we feel competent to assist you when buying your cryo chamber and setting up your own cryotherapy business. Click the link to select your topic of interest or continue reading about the process of buying a cryotherapy chamber / cryosauna.

    Before Ordering a Cryo Chamber

    At CRYONiQ, we always go over the basics with our customers before they order a cryo chamber, so that they are always informed about  the requirements on all levels and to ensure that their cryotherapy business can run smoothly.

    The Budget & Costs page provides a breakdown of the required equipment, accessories and services for a cryotherapy business start up.
    To get a better idea about the cost of cryotherapy machines go to Cryotherapy Chamber Cost.

    If you're interested in how safety features on a cryo chamber work go to our Safety Features page.

    Don't miss our Room Requirements, which will tell you all about setting up the facilities for a cryo chamber.

    Find out more about Liquid Nitrogen Suppliers and the points to consider.
    Check out the section on Cryotherapy Insurance, for advice on how to protect your business.

    The Licenses and Permits page provides a short breakdown of the requirements from the local government or organizations.

    Get financing or learn about the conditions for a cryotherapy machine lease with our Financing Options.

    Customize Your Equipment

    Once we've gone through the basics, and we are sure the facilities are suitable for the purposes of a cryo chamber, the next step is selecting your equipment and customizing it to your needs.

    Learn about the differences between the CRYO XC™ or CRYO XC™ Plus Models, as well as the available Systems in our machines.

    View the offered Color Options and Branding opportunities or the additional Options that many of our customers select.

    Follow this link if you'd like to know more about the Physical requirements of the CRYO XC™ Plus / CRYO XC™.

    For a more personalized quote, feel free to use the CRYO XC™ Configurator, which gives users a simple breakdown of the options.

    Finally, you can learn about the Order Process with CRYONiQ.

    After Purchasing Equipment

    If you're wondering what happens once you've purchased CRYONiQ equipment, the final section will provide you with most of the answers.

    Learn about the available options for Delivery of our equipment.

    Find out why we consider Installation and Operator Training to be two of our core services and how we approach Cryotherapy Training & Certification of operators.

    During training, we also discuss Maintenance of the cryo chamber that can have a great effect on the lifetime of the equipment.

    Go to our Tech Support page if you're interested in learning about the CRYONiQ approach to service issues or read our Warranty terms.

    On the Marketing page, we discuss some of the first steps to starting a successful cryotherapy business.

    Learn More About Cryo Chambers

    Find out how cryotherapy chambers can help your business grow, learn how a cryo chamber at home can be an everyday boost for users or research the steps on how to pick a cryo chamber.

    Learn More About Cryo Chambers

    Find out how cryotherapy chambers can help your business grow, learn how a cryo chamber at home can be an everyday boost for users or research the steps on how to pick a cryo chamber.

    Cryotherapy Chamber Cost
    Cryotherapy Chamber Cost

    Find out how much it costs to buy a cryotherapy chamber and what types of cryotherapy systems are available.

    Nitrogen vs Electric vs Hyb. Cryo Chambers
    Nitrogen vs Electric vs Hyb. Cryo Chambers

    Find out about the differences between nitrogen-cooled, electric and hybrid cryotherapy chambers.

    Cryotherapy Machine Guide
    Cryotherapy Machine Guide

    Learn about cryotherapy machines and find out which one would be most suitable for your needs.

    Used Cryotherapy Equipment
    Used Cryotherapy Equipment

    Refurbished and used cryotherapy machines for sale.

    Cryo Chambers for Business
    Cryo Chambers for Business

    Who are the potential clients for a cryotherapy business? What is the cryotherapy business start up cost and how to start a cryotherapy business?

    Cryo Chambers for Home
    Cryo Chambers for Home

    How to choose a cryotherapy machine for home use and how do you setup whole body cryotherapy at home?

    Why Get a Cryo Chamber?
    Why Get a Cryo Chamber?

    Why do Businesses, Professionals and home users choose to install cryo chambers?

    What is Cryotherapy?
    What is Cryotherapy?

    Learn the basics about cryotherapy including frequently asked questions,  types of cryotherapy, and find out why people use cryotherapy.