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  • Client & Operator Safety are key components for a successful recovery & cryotherapy business

    That's why we have set out to offer the full package including the implementation of safety standards & regulations that lead to a successful recovery and cryotherapy business venture


    The first condition is installing the cryogenic chamber in a sufficiently large room that meets the criteria of accommodating a nitrogen based whole body cryo chamber. The recommended floor area is 15 – 20 square meters (45 – 60 square feet).

    This may require an on-site risk assessment by an independent professional or future liquid nitrogen supplier. In some cases, in which the client supplies sufficient information about the building, rooms & facilities, the risk assessments do not have to take place on site and we can provide recommendations on how to equip the facilities.


    The CRYO XC™ itself is very versatile and can be installed in most type of rooms especially once the unit is separated into transportable form it is able to pass through doors at a width of 2 feet / 60 cm. This is a one of a kind feature among cryo chamber equipment. The cryochamber will still require the passage of nitrogen cylinders once the cryo chamber is installed and that must therefore be considered to facilitate the continuous supply of refilled nitrogen cylinders.

    We offer two systems for storage & use. The pressurized & un-pressurized systems.


    Our cryo chamber runs on liquid nitrogen, which is compressed nitrogen gas into liquid form. Nitrogen in the form of gas, is nontoxic and is one of the two primary components of the air that we breathe. Nevertheless, if the concentration of nitrogen in the air exceeds a certain limit (below 19% in the ambient air), there is an increased risk of hypoxia (lack of nitrogen), which in the least serious cases can lead to discomfort in the form of lightheadedness or in more serious cases of exposure can lead to people fainting or worse.

    That’s why we have a number of security measures in place in each and every installation. First, we require an opening in the wall with a diameter of at least 12 cm to allow for exhaust of nitrogen saturated air from the client cryocabin. This can be done through a wall, or the evacuation can also be done with the help of an integrated ventilation system.


    To ensure maximum safety within the cryotherapy room, an air renewal system must be installed in nearly all cases. The room must also be equipped with an oxygen sensor to signal oxygen levels within the room.

    In case the preset level is exceeded, an alarm will go off, the ventilation is turned on and the room is made 99% safe. In case you are left with questions please get in touch with our team on [email protected]

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