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In this section, you will learn about our models, systems, color options, customization options, accessories, service or configure your own CRYO XC™ Plus / CRYO XC™.
Other discussed topics include the Order Process, a link to download the CRYO XC™ brochure or read about the Physical Specs of the CRYO XC™.

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Our Models include the flagship CRYO XC™ installed in more than 300 locations and the CRYO XC™ Plus, with features that meet the strickest safety requirements. Learn about the features and specification of our equipment.


Pressurized System
Non-Pressurized System

Our Systems include the pressurized system that uses large capacity nitrogen tanks for storage and the non-pressurized system for more flexible and smaller facilities. Learn about the technical specification of our systems.

Color Options


Our Color Options offer a selection of 5 interior colors and 5 exterior colors.


Exterior Branding
Interior Branding

The CRYO XC™ offers brand customization for the exterior and interior. This gives businesses and cryotherapy owners additional opportunities to personalize their selected equipment to their needs and to promote their brand.


Selection of Accessories
& Services

Options include a range of products and services that are useful when setting up and running a cryotherapy or recovery spot.

Configure Your Own


Our Configurator allows the user to personalize their cryotherapy unit to their wishes and to read about the specification and options of the equipment.

Order Process

& Payment Terms

Read about the Order Process, the Terms of Sale and the Payment Terms.

CRYO XC™ Brochure

Product Leaflet

Get an overview of the features, systems and options in a single leaflet. Downloadable in PDF format.

CRYO XC™ Physical Specs

& Space Requirements

Get the dimensions and find out what the space requirements for the CRYO XC™ Plus and CRYO XC™ are.

Other Useful Links & Information


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CRYO XC™ Brochure

View the CRYO XC™ Brochure or download it.

Used Cryotherapy Equipment

Refurbished and used cryotherapy machines for sale.

Stock Units

Buy stock Cryo Chambers for faster lead times.

Request Quote

Get a Quote on the CRYO XC™ Plus or CRYO XC™ cryosauna.