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Cryofan LC

Cryofan LC

The Cryofan LC and localized cryotherapy equipment is increasingly used in cosmetology, dermatology, traumatology and sports medicine for its' healing properties. Any area of the skin can now be cooled down with a stream of air reaching a temperature of -130° C. Cryofan LC makes use of a cool gas stream, which is attained from liquid nitrogen vapor. The treatment with the Cryofan LC regularly takes from 10 - 20 minutes. The equipment itself is quite compact in size, and it can be used conveniently in any health clinic, sports facility or beauty shop. The Cryofan LC can be used without medical licenses and by non-medically qualified personnel as it is recognized as cosmetology equipment for body care. The equipment will be an excellent complement to our dewar type cryosauna, as both use the same type of dewar vessels.

The main operational advantages of the Cryofan LC are its portability, efficiency, noise-free operation and ease of use. Time required for startup and in reaching the working temperature is under 1 minute, while the consumption of liquid nitrogen per procedure does not exceed 1 liter of liquid nitrogen, putting the Cryofan LC in the category with the lowest consumption units.

Technical Specification

Power Supply 220V AC, 50Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 0,4 kW/h
Weight of Cryofan (Without Vessel) in Kg: 2.0
Pipe Length, M: 1.5
Cryotherapy Agent: Liquid Nitrogen
Gas Stream Temperature: -130°C
Cryotherapy Agent Consumption, Liter/min: 0.05
Time for Preparation, Min: 1
Maximum Operational Time, Min:> 400
Level of Protection: IP50

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