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FAQ - For Businesses

As part of our service to customers we provide assistance with a range of questions and points that are critical to the WBC business. The following list summarizes the most frequent questions customers looking to starting their own business or private recovery centers have asked.

Affordability, Financing & Operating Costs

Financial requirements for the equipment and breakdown of costs so that you will be able to make an informed financial decision:

  1. The total cost for each of the units
  2. Financing options
  3. Operating costs
  4. Warranty options, including extended coverage

Return on Investment

How to turn cost of WBC into a successful investment and development of a sustainable business.

    1. How much do I charge per session?
    2. Should I offer memberships?
    3. Do you have marketing templates and scripts for my staff?

Office Space Requirements

Understanding the space requirements for the equipment;

      1. What are the requirements for the installation?
      2. What size space should I allow for the unit?
      3. What size space should I allow for expansion? 

Legal Requirements

For WBC business, staff and equipment.

      1. Do I need any kind of licenses or training to run the unit?
      2. How do I train and certify new staff as the company grows?
      3. What are the requirements and ordinances in my city to install and operate?
      4. What kind of insurance do I need to operate?
      5. Are the units approved or certified by institutions? R G R A M

WBC Operation

Learning how the machine operates is an important aspect of efficiency.

      1. How do the units work?
      2. Where do I get the liquid nitrogen from?
      3. What is the expected lifespan of the unit?
      4. How many sessions per day can the unit handle?
      5. How often do the units need serviced?

WBC Effectiveness

Benefits of WBC researched and experienced.

      1. Are there any WBC research studies?
      2. What kind of issues does cryotherapy benefit?
      3. What will my clients experience and what will be their response?
      4. How is this different from an ice bath? 

WBC Risks

Contraindications & Side Effects of the Treatment

      1. I have heard that nitrogen based air is dangerous to humans. Is this true?
      2. How does the body survive these extreme temperatures and does it cause frostbite?
      3. What about Reynaud’s syndrome, arthritis, and fibromyalgia? 

Knowing the Competition

What Sets Cryoniq Apart from competition?

      1. Why should I purchase from Cryoniq?
      2. Are there any other sellers or manufacturers available in the UK?
      3. How do liquid nitrogen cooled units differ from electric units?

In case you'd like to discuss any of the aforementioned points or you'd simply like further information, please contact our team or schedule a meeting in person and we will do our best to assist you. +44 115 888 2969

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