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Cryofan Local Cryo

Cryofan Local Cryo

The Cryofan allows for cryostimulation as a medical method that has been more and more commonly used in treatment of rheumatism and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as injuries, swelling, burns, as well as its' benefits for beauty. etc. The Cryofan is a simple and reliable device that enables effective and efficient use of cryostimulation and ensures full comfort and safety of the patient. A stream of nitrogen vapor produced with the device, at the outlet of the nozzle installed on a flexible hose reaches the operating temperature (-160 °C) only 30 seconds after the device is switched on. The stream flow rate is adjusted stepwise depending on the size of the surface to be cooled.

The Cryofan was created as a tool primarily for medical purposes. Since its introduction, the benefits of applying extreme cold on the skin have grown from medical application for the treatment of troubled areas of the body to include the beauty, wellness and sports rehab fields where they are enjoying growing success.

Technical Specification

Power Supply 220V AC, 50Hz
Tank YDS 30
Tank Capacity (liters) 31,5
Tank Capacity (kg) 25,2
Cryotherapy Agent: LN2
Evaporation loss without heater inserted (kg/24h) 0,10
Evaporation loss with heater inserted (kg/24h) 0,50
Cryotherapy Agent Consumption, Liter/min: 0.05
Cryotherapy Agent Consumption, Liter/min: -150°C
Time for Preparation, s: 0,30 s

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