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Useful Links & FAQ

Find additional information about our cryotherapy equipment and machines as well as frequently asked questions and other useful links.

Cryotherapy Equipment

Used Cryotherapy Equipment

Refurbished and Used Cryotherapy Machines for Sale

Choosing the Best Cryotherapy Machine

Learn how to find the right cryotherapy chamber for your business

Budget for Safety & LN2 Storage

What equipment will I need to ensure safety for storing LN2 on-site?


Affordability & Operating Costs

Financial Requirements for cryotherapy equipment & devices

Return on Investment

Learn about the feasibility of investment into a cryotherapy machine.

Office Space Requirements

Understanding space requirements for cryotherapy equipment.

Legal Requirements

What are the requirements for businesses, staff and equipment.


Cryotherapy Terminology

Definitions of terms used within the field of cryotherapy

FAQ - Users

Learn about the most frequently asked questions about whole body cryotherapy.

WBC Contraindications

What are the contraindications to using whole body cryotherapy?

Effects & Benefits of WBC

What are the effects and benefits of using cryotherapy?


CRYO XC™ Experience

What are the clients usual expectations and reactions when using the CRYO XC™?

CRYO XC™ in Operation

Understand the basics about cryotherapy equipment for achieving the best efficiency.


View our gallery of cryotherapy chambers installed in our customers locations.

Quality & Certification

Learn about how we ensure the quality of our products and services.