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Cryo Chambers for Business

Starting a Cryotherapy Business or adding a cryo chamber to an existing business.

Find out why businesses are choosing to install cryotherapy chamber and what steps you need to take to start your own cryotherapy venture.

Why start a cryotherapy business or add a cryosauna to an existing business?

Starting a cryo chamber business can be your entry into the growing recovery industry. When approached correctly, offering cryo services can be a very profitable business. The same applies for existing businesses that add cryotherapy to their list of services which can provide an additional revenue stream, help retain existing customers as well as to attract new ones.

Who are the potential clients for cryotherapy sessions?

The great thing about whole-body cryotherapy is that nearly everyone with an active lifestyle is your potential customer, on top of many people looking to treat different medical conditions that cryotherapy can benefit. Ultimately, the biggest customer base for cryotherapy treatments are athletes on all levels together with physio patients.

How can we help you start?

As we are involved with all facets of the cryotherapy industry, from running a successful cryotherapy location, distribution of cryotherapy chambers, cryochamber manufacturing to extensive cryotherapy support we feel competent to assist you when buying your cryo chamber and setting up your own cryotherapy business. Click the link to select your topic of interest or continue reading about the process of buying a cryotherapy chamber / cryosauna.

Before Ordering a Cryo Chamber

At CRYONiQ, we always go over the basics with our customers before they order a cryo chamber, so that they are always informed about  the requirements on all levels and to ensure that their cryotherapy business can run smoothly.

Any sound business plan will require calculating the Budget & Costs for the project including the total cost of the cryotherapy chamber, accessories and services as well as recurring monthly/annual overheads.

A business will generally require some changes within its facilities to comply with safety standards for the storage and use of liquid nitrogen.
That is why, we have put together a list of Safety Features that all new cryotherapy businesses should take a look at as well as the Room Requirements.
Necessary changes can be determined by a risk assessment performed by either a CRYONiQ technician or by a Liquid Nitrogen Supplier that comes out for a site visit or may be able to do a risk assessment off-site if the business can provide sufficient documentation.

This may mean modifications in ventilation of the room or facilities. However, many times significant modifications are not required.

Besides all the safety aspects, a business should always consider adding Cryotherapy Insurance to cover their daily operations as well as any other insurance coverage they feel that is necessary. In some cities and areas, health & safety may require obtaining Licenses or Permits to operate a cryotherapy chamber or in some cases a permit to store and use liquid nitrogen tanks on-site. Equipment Operator Certificates may also be required for some locations.

Once you've got the budget calculations, costs and other requirements buttoned down, it's time to figure out the financing. Financing your cryotherapy machine or cryotherapy chamber through leasing or business loans offers advantages in the form of conserving your existing capital, tax advantages but also creates the opportunity to speed up the growth of a business. Financing is always subject to a credit check and ultimately decided by an eligible credit score. It's preferrable if there is some credit history behind the business, or at the very least the owner of the business that is applying for financing.

Select Your Equipment

When we've gone through the basics, and we are sure the facilities are suitable for the purposes of a cryo chamber, the next step is selecting your equipment and customizing it to your needs.

We start by choosing between the available Models CRYO XC™ Plus and CRYO XC™. The CRYO XC™ Plus is our top-of the line cryo chamber that offers additional features and support and meets the strickest requirements, alongside the CRYO XC™ which has been the reliable option for hundreds of businesses.
When it comes to Systems, the biggest differences between the pressurized and non-pressurized system are often the customers preferences for handling tanks, the suitability for on-site nitrogen storage and nitrogen suppliers technical capacities, as well as any existing limitations.
Different Color Options and Branding give customers the ability to customize the cryotherapy equipment to their personal preferences.
Our Options list the accessories and services that other customers are purchasing most often together with their equipment.

Options also give businesses the tools to make the treatment more comfortable for both the operator and cryotherapy users. Options are not always necessary.
The Physical Specs of the cryo chamber and storage tanks play an important role, as different circumstances such as sufficient door clearance as well as physical space requirements for the purchased equipment, the accessories or a changing room may be limiting factors.

All of these selections, options and specifications are accessible through the CRYO XC™ Configurator, that users can use to configure their own CRYO XC™ cryo chamber and submit a short list of their selection.
If you are considering purchasing our equipment, you may be interested in learning about the Order Process with CRYONiQ and what are the final steps to buy a cryotherapy chamber.

After Purchasing Equipment

If you're wondering what happens once you've purchased CRYONiQ equipment, the final section will provide you with most of the answers.

We focus on offering a complete service that includes equipment and a full range of services.
More often than not, all necessary services are included in the cost of the cryo chamber, which ensures that upon install the unit is ready for use. (This applies to select territories such as the United States, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovakia)
As part of our services, CRYONiQ offers Delivery options to any desired location.

Installation of the equipment by a CRYONiQ technician or representative has shown to ensure smoother operation.
Training is also one of our core services, and when trained by a CRYONiQ tech, operators feel much more confident and competent in running a cryotherapy chamber.
Maintenance is part of our training protocol which includes tips on how to ensure the unit stays in perfect condition, but also tips on how to get the most out of the available liquid nitrogen.
We are convinced that when you buy a cryotherapy chamber, the core services such as on-site installation and training should be part of the package. In some rare cases, these services may not be included, b we are always available for an online session.

Our Technical Support team is available to assist you 24/7. Reach out to our techs by sending us a Message, by sending an email or give us a call now.
Our General Warranty conditions include 24 Months on parts for all products, but in some regions we may offer extended Warranty terms or the Service Warranty that ensures complete on-site support throughout the warranty period.

In case you're you're looking for some Marketing tips. We've put together some basic guidelines on what has been proven to work and which offers you should avoid.