Before Ordering a Cryo Chamber

If you are considering adding a cryotherapy chamber to your business or practice, this section lists the topics that should be discussed and clear for all future buyers before proceeding with their purchase.

Budget & Costs

How I do calculate the budget for my project?

We've made a list of the overheads that businesses usually have when they start and run a cryotherapy business.

One-Time Purchase (Equipment, Accessories & Services) Description Frequency
Cryo Chamber / Cryosauna Cryo Chamber / Cryosauna equipment, transfer hose One Time Purchase
Delivery Delivery costs are generally included with the purchase One Time Fee
Install & Training Install &Training costs are generally included with the purchase One Time Fee
Ventilation & Safety Exhaust fan, Air In-flow, Exhaust pipe, Oxygen Monitor One Time Purchase (May not be required in some facilities)
Other Accessories Safety footwear, gloves, robes, decoration and other One Time Purchase/Varies
Recurring Business Expenses Description Frequency
Nitrogen Deliveries Every refill carries a delivery charge and often also a Hazmat charge. Minimizing the number of deliveries can help save money. LN2 suppliers are willing to offer better terms with higher volume. Weekly/Varies
Nitrogen Tanks Buying nitrogen tanks outright can be expensive, renting nitrogen tanks is more cost efficient and provides additional service on the tanks, especially when owned by the LN2 supplier. Monthly/Regular
Insurance Costs If you're running a business, having insurance coverage is highly recommended. Annual
Marketing Costs Advertisement of your new services can range from Facebook ads, Instagram, Local news, local partnerships and online ads. Varies
Trained Staff/Salaries These expenses highly depend on the mode of operation. A single operator can handle the operation of a cryotherapy chamber. Varies
Administrative Costs, Rent, Utilities General operational costs. Varies

Is there anything else I should know about quotes and costs?

When requesting a quote for a cryotherapy chamber, make sure that the offer includes all the products, accessories and services that are required.
Many times, the offers are incomplete and only quote the cost of the cryo chamber and do not list other expenses that may be indispensable such as delivery costs or install & training.

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Return on Investment

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Room Requirements

What are the basic room requirements for setting up a cryotherapy chamber?

1) Cryo Chamber Layout & Space Requirements

The Ceiling Height -

To accommodate the CRYO XC™, the ceiling must be at least 7 ft 7 in / 230 cm high. This can vary for different brands. Some brands require more than 7 ft 7 in / 230 cm.

Orientation of the unit -

This can be an important factor for rooms with limited space - The CRYO XC™ offers different options with Left, Right and Custom Orientation.

Cryo Chamber Physical Requirements

A cryo chamber physically usually takes up around 30 sqft / 3 sqm of floor space.

Room Layout & Size

All Cryo Rooms usually require additional equipment and accessories, the drawings below demonstrate a basic room layout:


8 ft x 8 ft / 3m x 3m


12 ft x 12 ft / 4m x 4m

2) Changing Room

Dedicate some space for a changing room for the comfort of your clients.
A regular changing room with hooks/racks will be sufficient.

3) Nitrogen Tanks

Dedicate enough space for storing liquid nitrogen tanks.

  • Pressurized System
    Make sure you can easily move nitrogen tanks when getting a nitrogen delivery by having unrestricted access between the cryotherapy unit and the refill site.
    One 240 liter tank can take up to about 2.5 ft x 2.5 ft / 65 cm x 65 cm of space.
    Nitrogen tanks build up moisture on the outer coating that can drip on the floor.
  • Non-Pressurized System
    Make sure you can easily move nitrogen tanks when getting a nitrogen delivery by having unrestricted accessbetween the cryotherapy unit and the refill site.
    One 50 liter dewar can take up to about  1 ft 8 in x 1 ft 8 in / 50 cm x 50 cm of space.

4) Accessories

Buy a Cabinet/Install shelves for Accessories
A starter pack of gloves, safety collar and safety footwear comes standard with the cryo chamber.

5) Ventilation

As part of safety protocols we recommend that all customers install the following ventilation fans/pipes.

Exhaust fans

The exhaust fan continously pulls air from the room while the cryotherapy equipment is in operation.

Fresh Air-flow

Air Conditioning continuously brings in fresh air. A safe setup is one that can ensure 6 air changes within the room in one hour.

Evacuation pipe (5 Inch Diameter) -

The evacuation pipe is connected to the Cryo chamber and leads outside where it lets out nitrogen vapors after each session.

All facilities may have different requirements for safety, find out if your future Cryo Room is suitable or it needs upgrades.
All features above are recommendations.

Safety Features

How to determine the safety of a cryotherapy chamber?

Cryotherapy chambers can vary in size, extent of exposure of the body, applications, but also levels of safety.
The most important prerequisite for safety in all cryotherapy chambers is knowing that all users doing whole body cryotherapy are entering a safe environment each time they use it.

These are the most important ways to ensure safety for you clients. Description
Controlled environment inside the cryo cabin The system is designed to distribute cool air evenly throughout the whole cryocabin and to maintain the desired temperature throughout the session. The temperature in the cabin
Operation Guidelines Understanding operation guidelines, all settings and limits of a session as well as LN2 handling.
Training Cryotherapy chambers should be installed by the manufacturer's technicians or authorized representative. During Operator Training, future operators are instructed on how to operate the unit safely as well as how to instruct clients during a session.
Safety Features installed on the Equipment Safety features built-in to the equipment ensure a safe environment for the client and the operator. The unit reacts based on the readings from inside the machine.
Oxygen Monitor While handling liquid nitrogen, having an oxygen monitor on-site is a must. A built-in Oxygen Monitor which controls the operation of the unit and has the ability to cut off the flow of Liquid Nitrogen when the oxygen level in the room drops below the set level.
Client Platform/Lift Clients come in many sizes, that is why it's important to be able to adjust where the customer is positioned inside the client cabin. Not having a lift and raising clients with pads does not offer the necessary comfort and safety.
Door Sensor A built in Door Sensor can cut off the flow of the coolant into the system and immediately stops the treatment.
Exhaust Fan The cryotherapy unit must be equipped with an exhaust fan that evacuates nitrogen vapors from inside the mechanism.
Emergency Button The emergency button immediately shuts down the unit.
Safety Features in the facilities Safety features inside the facilities are built to ensure a safe environment by monitoring and ventilating the air.
Equipment Certification The product has a CE or UL mark, which means the product conforms to the electrical standards. The product is made in an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility or equivalent.

Liquid Nitrogen Supplies

Is my area serviced by a liquid nitrogen supplier and how can I get the best conditions for regular LN2 deliveries?

One of the most critical aspects of operating a cryo chamber cooled by liquid nitrogen is to ensure that you have a reasonable price and regular deliveries on LN2.

Why are nitrogen services important?

Having regular deliveries can ensure smooth operation.
On-demand delivery offers the best mode of operation as it doesn't limit you when you've run out of liquid nitrogen. (This service may not be available in all areas)
The higher the volume of LN2 that a business requires, the more cost-effective it can become.
The cost of liquid nitrogen can make a big difference for the profitability of a business.

Do I need to buy nitrogen tanks?

Buying nitrogen tanks may not be necessary as most nitrogen suppliers offer rentals.
The rental service offers decent quality nitrogen tanks and additional services that may not be available when purchasing a nitrogen tank outright.

How do Refills take place?

Nitrogen suppliers may have different methods for refilling nitrogen tanks.
On-site refills - The Nitrogen supplier fills the nitrogen tanks on-site.
One for one - The Nitrogen supplier changes your empty tanks for a set of full tanks.

What can CRYONiQ do for me?

We can help you find the most suitable liquid nitrogen supplier in your area.
We can help you with on-site/online risk assessments.
We can guide you into finding the best possible LN2 storage setup tailored to your needs.
We can help you optimize your costs for upkeep.
We can assist you with Site-Planning and guide you on the best spot for the LN2 refill zone and where the nitrogen tanks are going to be stored.


What type of insurance do I need for cryotherapy?

When running nearly any type of business, there are many situations that can arise every day and your customers or personnel could suffer injuries.
Having general insurance coverage in these circumstances does provide a level of comfort, but does a general insurance policy also include cryotherapy?
Probably not, cryotherapy insurance falls into the category of Professional Liability Insurance and may require having an individual policy specifically for cryotherapy.
These are the three types of insurance that most cryotherapy businesses will probably ever need.

Insurance Type Description
General Liability Insurance This type of policy covers general claims, including slip and fall claims as well as product liability.
Professional Liability Insurance This type of policy offers coverage for injuries, suffered during a cryotherapy treatment.
Business Property Insurance This type of policy covers equipment including the cryotherapy chamber, and hardware.

Please note that cryotherapy insurance premiums can be quite high in some locations due to the detrimental effects caused by several cryotherapy manufacturers and resellers.

If you'd like to find out about the cost of insurance, how to get the best policy and other details, get in touch with our team:

Licenses and Permits

What licenses and permits will I need to have before I can operate a cryotherapy chamber on-site?

Operating a cryotherapy chamber / cryosauna may require compliance to the local building code, fire code and the UMC (Uniform Mechanical Code)
The city, county, or state may also require a license for cosmetic/other procedures.

Get in touch with our representative for assistance with obtaining permits.


What are the ways to finance cryotherapy equipment?

How to finance a cryotherapy chamber

As part of our range of services we work with a number of financing partners that have helped many of our customers start their venture into cryotherapy. Get in touch with our team to find out how you can get financing for your new cryotherapy chamber, send a financing application or check out the available options.                       

Available Financing Options

Business Loans


Requirements for a Business Loan or Leasing include:

In business for more than 1 year

Personal FICO credit score of 650 or above

Existing Funds in the company bank account

Advantages of External Financing

Conserve capital

Tax advantages

Faster route to equipping your facilities

Additional Opportunities

Other Forms of Financing include:

SBA Loans

Apply for special loans such as an SBA loan (Small Business Administration).
You can either contact U.S. SBA or reach out to Chase or Bank of America

Finding Investors or Business Partners

If you happen to have a developed vision and business plan for your new venture, you may be able to find an investor that could help you start up your recovery or cryotherapy business.
You can join up with a like-minded business partner that can help you start.

Equipment/Revenue Sharing

Find a local business in a field that complements cryotherapy and share the cost of your equipment with them. They can then use the equipment
In return, they will be allowed to use the equipment or send all of their customers looking for cryo through your door.

Consider a Microloan

Microloans usually carry higher interest rates, but can get you anywhere between $500 up to $35,000.

TAX Deductions

Tax Deductions can provide an additional incentive to purchase cryotherapy equipment.
Find out about Section 179 below.

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