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 Cryosauna PRO - Pressurized System

Cryosauna PRO - Pressurized System

The Cryosauna Pro is built on maximum reliability, embedded with an advanced interface that assures the smooth continuous operation of the unit and implemented safety switches that allow a comfortable experience to both the customer and the operator.

The operating mechanism and the embedded touch-screen were constructed in cooperation with the TECO co., a company with 30 years of experience in creating innovative technological solutions.

Cryosauna Pro – Pressurized System (Valve) is the right choice for those looking to serve higher numbers of visitors and with the aim for less frequent visits from the LN2 supplier. Once the pressurized tank and accessories are assembled and connected via cryogenic hose, it only takes one turn on the valve and a 2 minute wait to start the treatments. The pressurized system is enjoying more favour across the Atlantic, in the United States, as nearly all cryosauna owners there have chosen the valve variant. The pressurized system can be installed in exclusive settings with a select few clients and can easily handle the demands of large fitness centers.

Technical Specification

Power Supply 220V ± 22V AC, 50Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 1,5 kW/h
Unit Weight 400 Kg / 880 Lbs
Dimensions LxWxH - Medium Cabin 2200х1550х900 (2450х1550х900)
Temperature During Session   From -110°C to -190°C
Startup Duration 1 minute
Liquid Nitrogen Consumption (Precooling) 2 liters
Liquid Nitrogen Consumption (Treatment) 1,5 liter per minute

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